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Bond…on a beer budget.

Can’t afford the latest and greatest James Bond instant sex symbol slice of automotive excellence? You’re not alone fam, I feel you. (Thumps fist against heart twice). But if you really have a hankering to own some kind of James Bond style status symbol in your garage to bore impress friends, family and neighbors with then I’ve found three possible options here in Australia. Yes they need work. But pretending to be a secret agent isn’t supposed to be easy is it?

They’re all yellow Citroen 2CV’s aren’t they?

Ha ha no. Surprisingly while finding 2CV’s here in Australia isn’t too difficult, they’re not actually that cheap given they’ve been imported here and all the work they’ve gone through.

On top of that they’re not the fastest thing at full throttle (the fact that they put in a different motor for the one featured in For Your Eyes Only is true testament to this) and lets be honest, it doesn’t scream ‘sexy as all get out ultimate secret agent ride’ does it? No I’ve gone for something a little bit more common (well here in Australia) with quite a few more examples available and something a little more up to date.
Well it was back in 1996.

Ba da da dah, da da dah…(Bond Theme)

I’ve gone with…The BMW Z3! Introduce to the world of 007 through Goldeneye, it’s also the only Bond car I’ve had the pleasure of driving. (And not that far either – about 50 meters to put it in a car port so I could help the owner change a fuse over (it was a fun game of ‘hunt down the fuse box’ for sure!
That 50 meters went alright, so let’s see how affordable it is to put one in your own carport with three of the cheapest models here in Australia currently on Gumtree.

If you’re on a Double IPA beer budget:


For $5490:

Up for grabs is my awesome James Bond convertible in British racing green bmw z3 007.

Cosmetically has scratches, a lil paint fade etc but consistent with age, interior is in good condition with a small tear on one of the seats and mechanically it’s mint.

Just did a long coastal trip from Melbourne to Sydney with top down and enjoyed every bit of it, looks awesome and goes like it’s on rails.

Everything works as it should, chilled Ac, Sony USB, aux player, new tyres, fully serviced and just put on 1 year rego. Soft top is also in good nick. More pics on the way.

Very easy to drive in manual and low maintenance still look million buks.

Has few spares, log books, manuals and remote key etc with it.

Very rare in 1.9cc 4 cyl, so is very economical and fuel lasts for ever, still has the grunt being manual.

British Racing Green? Now there’s a powerful and not very common color! (It looked the business on my dad’s Datsun 260Z way back when) and rego on top! Now there’s a fantastic start in our Z3 stakes. However if the price is a little out of your radar..

If you’re on a basic pale ale budget:

For $4000:

1997 BMW Z3 roadster. Done 315k, always serviced, watertight, no leaks. Good condition. Registered but no RWC

High k’s but if the service history is up to snuff you might do alright here. However if the price is still giving you heart palpitations, there is one Z3 left on this list..

And if you’re on a ‘Yeast N Stuff’ beer budget:

More Dead than Zed

However if your budget can only stretch to $1500…

Hi, I am selling my 1999 BMW Z3 2 Litre, it is a repairable write off, impact on left hand side, already repaired when I bought it, it needs a new engine, the original was seized, I have everything from the original engine minus the block, it was no good, it will be included in the sale, it will need a bonnet and a left hand door, I have the originals, but they to are damaged, I will also include these in the sale as well. I am not parting this car out, so please don’t ask.

Okay, so you can’t actually drive it. Or chase down bad guys in it. Or actually do anything with it at this stage apart from park it in the garage (and only show people t

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