Did you forget your Foz?

My latest story comes from about 10 metres down the road where it’s been sitting there rotting away for the last 6 months…

Hey is this your Subaru Forester? You might want to deal with it before the council deals with it on your behalf and it ends up at my favourite auction yard where someone will buy it for the price of a cup of coffee and use it as a garden ornament.

Ignore the hazy filter, it’s drizzly out there.

Now I really don’t have much to go on here other than one day it appeared out of nowhere and stayed that way ever since. I can only imagine being in the condition that it is currently and worth less than a postage stamp, the maintenance wasn’t kept up, the block got cooked and once it died on the side of the road the owner left it there. But that’s just my guess. Anyway sometime after that someone with way too much time on their hands tried to break into it to see if there was worth anything worth boosting but I have a feeling the owner probably emptied the ash tray of spare change when they dumped it.

Eventually someone (possibly the builders working on the house it was dumped at) got tired of it never moving and reported it being abandoned and shortly after a council worker came out, put a sticker on it, marvelled at their handy work and drove off.

So I’m not sure how they’re going with their search for the current owner but I reckon the sticker appeared a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t moved since, so I’m guessing not well. I thought of make the council an offer of four cans of my latest beer tasting¬†and drag it up my driveway but 1) I don’t have any room for it and 2) what the hell would I do with it? It looks like it’ll take quite a lot to get back on the road and even as a parts car it’s useless to me unless Nissan and Subaru parts suddenly become interchangeable.

Comes with a sports tough clutch!

So if this Forester is yours and you still hold some slight shred of affection for it, better come grab it soon before the tow truck arrives…


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