The Italdesign Aztec – please don’t look at your passenger

Back in 1988 a designer had a dream – a car where both the driver and passenger were separated by a wall and could only talk to each other electronically. Just like most smartphone owners behave today while in a cafe, while Instagramming lunch. After countless huffs of paint cans coupled with endless re-runs of the TV show Beyond: 2000, the Italdesign Aztec was born!

I only became aware of the wonderment and absolute insanity of the possibly inspired by Back to the Future Italdesign Aztec through The Iron Chef Imports facebook page – someone in Japan has put one up for sale and it could (why you would is anyone’s guess) be shipped to your shore for around $300,000 AUD. After that it’s entirely up to you who you want to put in the passenger seat and practically ignore, blaming 80’s technology for the lack of in cabin communication.

So you can touch your passenger, just not see their face. That ATM looking thing is a phone system (possibly.)
So you can touch your passenger, just not see their face. That ATM looking thing is a phone system (possibly.)

And if there’s still a working tape deck in that mess of wires, buttons and dials, you can relive all the big his of 88…like Belinda here!


True heaven is probably not a Italdesign Aztec..

This also makes only the second car by Italdesign I’ve become aware of, after getting a vague understanding of the Italdesign Scighera which appeared in the classic video game Need For Speed 3. Compared to the futuristic 80’s stylings of the Italdesign Aztech though, the Scighera looks completely pedestrian in comparison.

Here’s what we know:


-If you own one of the 18 (or 50, Wikipedia isn’t sure of the official numbers) there’s a fair chance you won’t run into another one any time soon at your country club.

-It is a turbo. So you can get away quickly from most people with confused or disgusted looks on their faces.

-It has a four wheel drive system derived from a Lancia Delta Intergrale. That fearsome ball tearing all paw rally weapon.

  • You’ll only need 5 sparkplugs instead of six

-It’s actually an Alfa concept. There should be parts for it somewhere..

It doesn't look much better from the back
It doesn’t look much better from the back


  • Changing the rear tires will probably require some kind of advanced engineering degree.

  • Panel work will probably require a mortgage taken out.

  • Insurance costs? Hilarious.

  • You’ll lose friends quickly on long trips if the communication gear starts to fail..


Well it speaks for itself really..

Italdesign Aztec


So…has anyone had the pleasure of seeing one of these rare beasties in the flesh? Let us know!

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