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Down to the wire

Look it’s a non-essential tool really but after seeing it in action via Youtube and then giving it a whirl in my own garage, I’m championing the brass wire drill bit/brush..

Up until now my only experience with a wire brush bit was in one of those cheap and nasty kits full of knock of dremmel bits which fell to bits as soon at the strands hit other metal. Not a great start really. But then I’ve been really getting into Chris Fix’s amazing videos and after watching him detail an engine to magnificent levels, I figured ‘Well let’s give it a go again then..’

(Seriously, subscribe to his videos because their brilliant fun to watch)

brush drill bit


I picked up this one from Supercheap Auto for $4.98 AUS in a random assortment box, figuring I’d start with a small wire drill brush and seeing how I’d go before buying every option under the sun. It should come as no surprise that there’s plenty of things under my bonnet and lurking in other dark corners of the car that could do with a wire brush treatment.

Like much of the engine that hasn’t enjoyed a clean brushed feeling for nigh on twenty years..

And the back of one of my Stern 3 piece wheels that has been filthy since they rolled out in the 90’s…

Stern wheels

As soon as the tips hit the metal, boom – dust and dirt everywhere. Maybe I should have done a pre clean first? Anyway I continued on and discovered that while it does make the metal bits look awesome (and new) the rest of your dirty car looks even dirtier in comparison.

But that’s me not cleaning it, not the brushes fault.

It’s very easy to see which parts you’ve missed with each sweep..

It’s also brilliant in stripping layers of rust back. Not that anyone is going to see the back of this wheel anytime soon but at least I know it’s rust free currently dammit!


  • Buy a small one to start to test a few bits out on your car and see if it’s something you’ll enjoy doing as it can get dusty and if you don’t like dust..

  • If you’re using a hammer drill like I did (only drill I have currently) then use the handle grip. Depending on what you’re brushing and the bit you’re using, it can buck on you if you’re not careful.

  • There are many sizes and brushes for all applications. It goes without saying to use the bigger ones on big metal parts and the smaller ones on the smaller stuff.

  • Not sure how it will react on a particular surface? Test it on an inconspicuous area first.


Most hardware stores worth their salt should stock them as well as your local car parts store. There’s also Amazon which has plenty of different options of wire brush bits available in singles and in big packs.big packs.

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