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Why you need a multi tool in your car

For a tool I bought out of sheer necessity one arvo (long story short: my battery died, I needed to get it out of the clamp and my local 7-11 was the only place that sold anything looking remotely like a tool) my multi-tool has been an effective piece of kit recently. It turns out my $17.95 tool of all trades, master of none does have its uses and here’s a few reasons why like a solid breaker bar, it’s handy to have one tucked away in your car somewhere.

Multi tool

The pliers – I used them to turn the 10mm nuts on my battery clamp, not realizing til later there’s special holes that can work with small size nuts on the side of this tool. It also came in handy when I scraped the side of my front bar and hand to bend a small clip back in place. Can also be used to gently pry out small blade fuses if you’re careful (I find this much easier than the tiny plastic pullers usually found in a fuse box)

The knife – it slices, it dices, basically it cuts. It did come in handy cutting away the falling apart leather on my steering wheel recently (new leather on order) and as a scraper to get stuff out between console pieces. Could also be used to cut away outter sections of wire insulation if you’re having wiring problems (but in all honesty, use a wire stripper or a sharper hobby knife)


The screw drivers (small Phillips head and flat head) – haven’t come across a flathead screwdriver yet in my wagon but the Phillips head has come in useful.

Bottle opener – when you’ve fixed whatever problem and you’re safe at home, reward yourself with a cold crisp beer. My multi tool never leaves the car though and I have plenty of bottle openers upstairs so this part doesn’t see much use.

The other bits – good for scraping stuff out and various applications. Nothing really life saving or life changing to be found here.


Depending on your location (and shopping online) there’s plenty of choice. However before you rush out and buy the biggest, most optioned multi tool on the market, ask yourself if you are ever going to need more than half the attachments at any stage. If the answer is no, find a more basic one with tools and options you will use otherwise you’re wasting money.

I came across this one in Bunnings the other day – basic and cheap ($7.90). Wouldn’t look out of place in the car, tackle box or toolbox at home.

Bunnings multi tool


Poeland Multitool – It’s cheap, it’s basic, it looks similar to the CraftRight version above and even comes with a fish hook remover! (Useless for me as I don’t fish but hey, you might)

Leatherman – A big jump in price but a very popular brand of multi tools with the image that you can pass this on to your grandkids when they get their license (and you become too old to drive). This one has scissors! (And it’s not the most expensive either – try this one!)

And finally…

Gerber – For those who like their Multi Tools to look like they’re fresh off the Space Station Mir..

Any multi tools you recommend/want to warn people away from? Let us know!

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