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We’re back in business. With a Purvis.

New year, new internet host, much more web space now to rant and rave about the wonderful cars I see out and about. Or in this case (again) stumble over via Facebook. This time around it’s a Purvis Eureka, a kit car we haven’t seen for close to four years now..

Yep the last one we encountered was back at Coffee and Cars Bendigo, a time that I still kick myself over the fact that didn’t bring the Stagea with me (I still rolled up in a wagon, albeit Baz’s HR Holden). Still as the pictures can attest, that Purvis Eureka certainly did look the goods in racing red.

As does this one which recently popped up via Facebook Classifieds. Same one bought interstate? It’s a possibility ghost rider.

purvis eureka gc 2


It’s an Australian sports car form the mid 70’s that came in either ready to go or kit form. And while you could buy one vw powered (which went well on it’s VW Beatle Chassis), there were also Ford four cylinder options and hilariously, rotary powered ones too.

(I am no doubt not the first nor the last to wonder how lethal and terrifying this thing would be powered by a Mazda 20B wrenched out of a Cosmo.)

From the official write up on this one via Facebook:

Purvis Eureka 1969

This Eureka is currently registered and is in my name in Qld. It is registered as a Purvis Eureka. It has Qld compliance. All that is needed is a RWC for it to be on the road. Car is complete minus engine. It has a working roof with Linak electric actuators. Disc brake front and drum rear. No Rust It currently does not have an engine and the interior has been removed. I was in the process of repowering and re doing the interior, however, I have too many projects and this has to go. Car is currently sitting up on my Mezzanine under a cover.

(Just one slight niggle I see so far – apart from the lack of engine of course – the year. According to various reading the Purvis Eureka didn’t pop into production here in Australia til past 1971. Same with the UK where it was known as the ADD Nova. So even if this beast was once an ADD Nova, it still wouldn’t hail from 1969. Still, only a minor niggle and I’m sure an actual Eureka owner would notice that too.)


Well we’ve touched on a few options that seem common for this car:

-Flat four air cooled VW

-Ford Inline Four

-Mazda 12a (sane)

-Mazda 13b (slightly less sane)

-Mazda 13btt (Okay now who is kidding who here?)

-Mazda 20BT (You have too much money to burn)

-LS1 (It’s only a matter of time really.)

So you have a few options there. Thankfully at the bottom of the ad there’s an even more amusing one:

I also have a WRX motor, adaptor plate, cross member, wiring loom and ECU for sale separately.

WRX motor? That sounds like fun!

(Can these things come in AWD? Asking for a friend.)

As much as that fiberglass structural rigidity scares me (as in it doesn’t look like much) I still love that liftable roof. It looks like a Golden Age of sci-fi rocket ship and you’ll climb into it like you’re George Jetson on the way to the sprocket factory.



Keen? Currently for sale via Facebook Classifieds in Biggera Waters Gold Coast. $6500 gets what you see and that box of spares but the EJ is extra unless you have something else lying around you’d like to see go in the back there.


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