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Nissan Cube Woody
Just wow..

The well traveled Woody

Oh dear, remember the promotional ‘Woody’ Nissan Cube we found for sale a few months ago? Turns out this Woody has been a little bit busier than first expected…

Given it’s interesting colored wheels, artistic angled photos and very scenic location for some for sale shots, it’s fair to say that this Nissan Cube Woody would be very recognizable popping up in other places around the net.

Sadly for the people trying to sell it, it’s popped up on the Japanese History Check Facebook page, a page where you definitely do not want your pride and joy to be shown.
Because the crew there love exposing dodgy dealers who like to wipe a bit of history off their cars, lower km car examples being more popular and able to be sold at higher prices.

And unless there just happens to be a couple of cars that look exactly the same, shot at the same location and both for sale, I’d say there’s a lot more going on here than first meets the eye..

Nissan Cube
The Nissan Cube in question…
This was of course before it landed here..
Look familiar? 121045kms..

What’s a mere 50,000km between buyer and seller hey?

Luckily Japanese History Check provide a paid service in cases of ‘That amount of mileage seems a little too good to be true’ and you can find out more by checking out their website. While it may take a little time for them to unearth your potential next vehicles important history, It’s a little more piece of mind when you’re thinking of bringing your dream car over from Japan. ( I have a suspicion that I would’ve been in for a few nasty surprises if I ran a check like this years ago on my old Mazda RX7 – I could only imagine what was showing on the original auction sheet…)


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