The VS Commodore that (allegedly) scared James Bond..

What a terrific thing to face on a freezing Friday morning – the best eBay ad ever for a 96 VS Commodore!

But it’s not just any old VS Commodore as the ad proclaims – this thing sounds like a monster!

Holden VS Commodore Executive – In full authentic 1996 era condition

Ladies and gentleman. Lick these knowledge pops with your eye tongues.This is my VS Commodore, in complete authentic condition. Your days of dating Palmela Handerson are over. Once out on the road beautiful women will instinctively flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano.

This one-off VS Commodore was originally manufactured one year earlier then it’s successors

, in 1995 for a role in Goldeneye but was cut from the script last minute when Pierce Brosnan couldn’t handle it’s power and Q called him an uphill gardener.Bambi’s mum wasn’t shot dead, she was run down by this car.

I once dragged the batmobile in this car, by the time Bruce Wayne reached the finish line I had already won, made love to Selina and had a son who greeted him at the finish line with a sign that read “keep up pussy”

After Yoda raised the x-wing out of the swamp he tried to lift this VS out, he was unable to, this car is the ultimate force.

Features Include:

  • Precision rear-vision: Objects are exactly as far as they seem.
  • GPS Navigation: From the hot bitty sitting next to you with a smartphone
  • Vintage hipster cassette player with rustic analogue volume and panning controls
  • VIP unlimited access to the backseat club where the girl to guy ratio is always generally 2 to 1,  3 to 0, 1 to 2 or 0 to 3


So tighten up the chin strap on your wiener helmet and get ready for the ultimate ride

On a more factual note: Currently driving fine, dual fuel, on road at the moment but selling without roadworthy.

And just look at the glory of this VS!

vs commodore
She just can’t get enough of that Commodore Stuff.
Vs Commodore
Where does the seller find all these Commodore fans?
Can you handle this blinding speed?
Can you handle this blinding speed?

At time of writing bidding was at a modest $510 with a couple of days to go. Is there someone out there with with enough intestinal fortitude to tame this VS Commodore Monster?

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