The two things you need to clean car windows

Depending on where you drive, sometimes your car windows attract more crud and crap than the underside of a well worn engine bay. And when your windscreen wipers throw up the white flag of defeat against the grime build up (or spend more time smearing it further across the glass) then sometimes it’s time to call in the big guns (and possibly change your wiper blades)…

how to clean car glass
Outrun the vortex!

Luckily for crystal clear windows, you only need two things that you’ll find in most households… (Well three technically but elbow grease comes free anyway and so we’re not counting it…)

The two things you need to really clean car windows are:

Old newspaper

Lots of this

and Methylated Spirits.

clean car windows
And a little bit of this

Like we said before, the elbow grease is provided by you (or someone who owes you a favor).

Basically you take a page of newspaper, fold it over and then again for a nice hand sized cleaning pad and then lightly saturate it (you don’t need much at all here) with the Methylated spirits. Then you proceed to scrub away and the smoke, grime, oil, smears, bird poo, dirt and whatever else has started to ruin your windows outlook. Some windows will take a lot of scrubbing but the results are well worth the effort.

For example out the back of the Driveanotherday HQ lies Project WRX, which hasn’t been clean in a very long time. With the combination of newspaper and methylated spirits we’ve managed to completely irradicate the dog snot, million hand prints, smears and god knows what else that has built up over the years. The windows now look amazing. (Now to work out what to do with the dog hair..)



  • For big stains/bird poos/chunks of things and lots of stuck to the glass, hit them with a hose first. A high pressure hose is a big help but a decent garden hose will do the trick also. In fact give the whole car a wash while you’re at it so the clean windows don’t end up pointing out how dusty the rest of the car is.

  • If you find the smell of the Methylated spirits a little too powerful, dampen your paper in water first. Diluted Methylated spirits work just as well with a little work.

  • Do both sides of the windows to make them extra clear.

  • When working on the inside of car glass, always make sure you have the door or another window open for ventilation.

  • Keep the Methylated spirits out of reach of children and animals.

  • Use a different sheet of paper for each side window as they fall to pieces after some fierce scrubbing. For the windscreen and the back window use one paper pad for each half on each side.

  • Methylated spirits are flamable so keep away from flames. Make sure you read all the warnings on the bottle.

  • Remember that you don’t need much of the spirits at all, so don’t go pouring it all over the car in the hope that it will clean itself.

  • And last but not least, don’t drink it. Just in case you thought that would be a good idea..

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