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Canvas the neighbourhood

It’s amazing what you learn from Facebook (yes, even dubious Facebook can give you the occasional education it seems) – I had no idea up until today that there was a version of the Toyota Starlet that came with a canvas top! (I was thinking that it was something home made ala This Mitsubishi Colt we found decades ago).

But it’s real and we’ve found one.

And if you’re keen on the one we’ve found, we hope you’re good at canvas repair..

What do we know of Toyota Starlets?

Not much aside from the fact that they make fantastic projects in Puerto Rico where workshops like to lob in an insanely worked on Mazda 13B rotary powerplant and hurl this little thing as fast as humanly possible down the quarter mile. It’s a sight to behold and hear.

While this one does not sport a pair of spinning Doritos, it does look fairly okay from certain angles. I say certain because there’s some work to be done to get this little box back to it’s original ‘Oh what a feeling’ condition.

toyota starlet

‘What do you mean Almigo? That looks fairly clean!

Of course it does, from the front. Let’s look a little deeper.

toyota starlet

Not the worse that I’ve seen although I am itching to hit it with a can of degreaser and break out the wire wheel in that order. I also had no idea these things came out with a strut brace from factory (although some extra stability after cutting a big hole in the roof wasn’t a bad idea..)

Side looks pretty normal…roof racks ready to carry one very light bit of balsa wood home from Bunnings Warehouse. Oh wait, it’s the black tape up top you’re talking about Almigo! I see it now..

Yep! Lets take a closer look!


Oh dear. That looks a lot like those Ford Capri convertibles you see around where the back window canvas is a collection of black tape valiantly holding on. But if you have a lot of spare black tape on hand..(or a small section of circus tent perhaps?)


Selling my beloved Toyota Starlet. Car is running, but needs new tires, battery is weak and roof/canvas top is broken as per pic, would need some love. Great car to take you from A to B. Selling as have no room to store it anymore. Other wise would keep this little weapon.

According to the add it also only has 100 miles! Bonus! (The other 300,000 must have been absorbed by the canvas..)

So…anyone good with canvas repair?

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