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A parts bin? What’s this about then?

Well I only have so much space (I will buy more eventually) so any old, irrelevant or low performing content has taken a trip over to another page to free up some much needed website real estate.

So if you have a hankering for some older stuff or a post about a specific car you loved and want to read it again, you’ll be able to find it right here: Drive Another Day Revisted.

(As the articles are exported I’ll leave a link here with a brief description on what you’re missing.) Here’s the current crop of what you’ll find in the parts bin!

Wedding pants soaked in petrol – My very first book gets published and includes the tale of arriving to a wedding smelling like a petrol refinery. Coincidentally the same book is now free on Amazon so grab yourself a bargain!

Two drag strips and a couple of wiggles – Legendary racing identity John Bowe joined us for a chat about how things fared in the first round of the 2016 Australian Touring Car Masters.

Surely there’s an easier way than this – Filming in a car for Youtube purposes can be slightly difficult when you don’t have the funds for a proper mount. I found a cheap alternative.

Magna next level – We found a Ralliart Magna for sale locally! Unfortunately the gear box was needing a little love to get back to its glory days..

Happy Easter from Drive Another Day! – Wishing you a happy Easter. Pretty self explanatory really.

Destroying Roads for Charity – We take a look at the high powered cars that you can win in local charity draws. Features a McClaren that would struggle not to grind itself against the extreme angle of my old driveway.

The Chrome Socket Set that won’t break the bank – A cheap Bathurst edition socket set we found at a bargain price. This was a while back though so there’s a fair chance they won’t produce it again making this post irrelevant. I’ve also managed to lose a few of the smaller sockets from it too. Clever me.

The other cars of the Gold Coast 600 – While working at the Vodaphone Gold Coast 600 in 2018 I wandered away from the track and photo’d just about everything and anything with wheels that I could, creating quite the pic dump of everything from a 13BT powered Hilux to classic cars to a racing car with spikes..