The Toyota Mr2 that didn’t come in from the cold

New year, same covid times. But on a brighter note all that extra time at home when you should be quarantining does lend itself to spending more time on car projects. I don’t have one currently, as I’m still trying to work out why my airbrush is blowing more bubbles than actually paint out of the end (probably should have cleaned it properly a while back but that’s my issue) but there’s plenty going on project wise across the rest of the world to report on –  like this Toyota MR2…now powered by a pair of Kawasaki Ninja’s.

And even better, it’s for sale!


Yes for the entry price of just $5000 US, you can be the proud owner of a Toyota MR2 and a pair of Kawasaki Ninja’s…all blended together. The results speak for themselves:

I’m guessing this is what happens when you have a lot of things in your boneyard in Billings, Montana and are more than willing to take to them all with a selection of tools and a Sawzall while attempting to a) pass time and b) try not to freeze. Given the absolute lack of traction this thing would have + snow = one incredible afternoon of sideways action before you plough the whole project into something.
Like a cold cow perhaps.


Looking at the flares first up I suspected it was one of those jet engine builds that make a living flaming around monster truck shows but no, it’s Kawasaki Ninja powered. Well dual Ninja’s as the ad explains with a little bit of work to go:

Toyota MR2 conversion project has 2 Kawasaki ninja zx 10r street bikes on the rear ones a 04 and the other is an 07 it is almost finished but lost interest needs gear reduction

Kawasaki Ninja

Looking at the pics you know it needs a lot more than just gear reduction but it’s probably never going to see actual registered road use so undoubtedly its next owner won’t particularly care that’s there’s bits missing. But honestly, those cuts through the fiberglass are making me wince a little. Measure twice, hit with an axe once.

Kawasaki Ninja Toyota MR2


Kawasaki Ninja MR2

Hilariously it doesn’t seem like the only project the seller has been working on during his spare time. I’d like to know a little more about the Smart car bike hybrid lurking in the back here but then questions also remain about that pickup thing in the back too – converted shooting rig? It truly is a yard of mechanical things with a high chance of death then!

Kawasaki Ninja

Keen on adding this chain driven MR2 hilarity to your collection? Love your Kawasaki Ninja’s no matter what you shoehorn them into? Find out more at the Billings for Sale/ISO/Garage Sale facebook page

(And a shoutout to I know what I have for pointing me in the direction of this thing in the first place once again!)

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