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wedding mustang

The sound of thunder before you say ‘I do.’

Over the weekend I drove to a wedding in a Lancer, got transported to the ceremony by an elaborate golf buggy and heard an angry roar from across the water. Then this beast rumbled into view.

Unlike the majority of the cars featured on this page that aren’t my own, I actually have a family connection to this one! I don’t remember the full details but the owner is on my wife’s side and might be a cousin? Does that make him my cousin too? Am I removed? Does it matter ultimately? No it does not, on with the car.

wedding mustang

I had the opportunity for a few back and forth jokes with Eddie the owner – namely how quiet it is (quieter than a Tesla!), how it loves wet weather (handles better in the wet) and how easily my nine year old could out run it…on foot. But I didn’t press him for details on why it sounded like an angry god – best not to interrupt the lovely ceremony on at the time with car chat.

Suffice to say it sounded like thunder ready to ruin the bride’s big day when it fired up (thankfully it did not rain!)

wedding mustang

Apparently I’m catching up with Eddie later this year for a grand final bbq. That I may be hosting. Or possibly something Christmas related, I’m not really sure. The booker of family events (wife) books, I just show up and try not to do anything stupid. Regardless hopefully there’s an opportunity soon to add some more details to this wonderful build.

Until then, just enjoy some more tasteful pictures of the world’s quietest and slowest wedding car around.

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