The rotors and the hearse

There’s only a few things on this planet that will divert my gaze from a tasty looking rotary. And today I discovered that a strange hearse is one of them…

After a couple of weeks off on a mini holiday (Melbourne thanks for having me, I had a riot of a time) I figured I had just enough time to do my usual fun skirt around the local auction yard before work today. And I’m glad I did too because just peaking out of the crowd of truly exotic metal was this lovely Mazda Rx3:

It has been some time since I last clapped eyes on one of these in the flesh (oh the fun I had when I had my Rx7 and cruised along with many 3’s during a yearly cruise…#goodtimes) and according to the sheet there is a 13B ready to brap in there. However, in an attempt to overshadow the rotor (figuratively, given it’s size it does literally shadow the little Mazda..) – have a look at this incredible….hearse!

Glorious, isn’t it? I’ve seen them come up for auction a few times through the Iron Chef Imports Facebook page but I never thought I’d come face to face with one here.

According to the auction sheet:

Odometer Indicating: 46084KMS
Seats: 2
Colour: black (you’d be worried if it was pink or bright yellow…)
Description/extras: Japanese delivered Toyota Land cruiser converted to a Japanese style hearse with hand made ornate temple. Has been previously registered in QLD.

What it doesn’t say is who originally owned this beast and what they were using it for. I can only assume for Japanese style funerals here in Australia but it’s anyone’s guess. At the time of writing it’s sitting at $4002 so someone who has a wild idea for the use of this thing might be getting a bargain (then again I’m not sure, I have no idea on the current state of the Japanese hearse here in Australia economy).

However if spinning triangles and a unique engine sound is more your bag (especially when it’s ported) then allow me to furnish you with a few more happy snaps of Kermit.

Luckily the Green Machine wasn’t the only buzzbox on the lot, there was also a Australian delivered white version with original engine and books lurking at the back!

Rotors and funeral wagons…can’t wait to see what ends up on the auction block next month!

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