The prancing brapping horse

Color me confused today internet as I’m not sure what to call this combination of ‘Japanese rotary technology’ meets attempted ‘Italian Super car Ferrari F40’. Is it a now an F47, an RX40, RX407, Ferrotary or just a terribly strange idea from the get go?

Look I get the lust and desire for a Ferrari F40 (akin to my original lust and desire for Mazda Rx7 until it started to get costly) I really do. And it’s not like original Ferrari F40’s are falling from the sky at rock bottom prices. It’s just that no matter how much you attempt to kid yourself, this is not a Ferrari. 

A surprising lack of cylinders in this Ferrari..

For those that don’t know their F40’s from their 360s and LaFerrari’s (putting my own hand up here) – this is a Ferrari F40: 

Ferrari F40

This is a Mazda Rx7 FC3S. I had one. It was equal parts hilarious fun and bank balance breaking lunacy.

This is what happens when some mad scientist decides the latter is a great base for the former: 

Although that’s an interesting way of working in the rear side window..

I mean if you see it at night when it’s off and not revving it’s lack of Ferrari V8…from a distance…and you squint…

I’m also unaware of what’s powering this project too. If that new bodykit is light enough then the original 13BT should be adequate. However if you want something equally as loud at the original block, maybe a monster ported 20B would do the trick? (Come to think of it, that would be hilarious – you’d hear it brapping from days away..) 

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious that an absolute boat load of time, blood, sweat, fiberglass and possibly tears went into this project and the effort is strong. A lot better than some very rough looking  replicas. I have a fairly good idea that the cost of this project was probably far more than the FC3S was worth…’s the why that has me wondering.

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    • You’re a hard man to please Mr Lynx 😛 You weren’t keen on the Lightning McQueen bargain banger either. Out of curiosity, what would be the ideal car you’d like to see when you roll up the door of your own garage?


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