The other cars of the Gold Coast 600

I turned up to a radio broadcast live from near the track (as radio outside broadcasts go, this was an absolute doozy!), managed to get myself completely lost, wandered through the pits and ended up having to ask no less than 5 security members which way I had to go to get to my site on time.

It was good fun and the camera on my Huawei managed well and truly copped a flogging in the process..

Ready to interview anyone…and in this case, anything!

The other cars of the Vodaphone Gold Coast 600

Yeah a lot of the Supercars faithful are there purely for the roar and rumble of the cars in the last race of the day (or the Carrera’s for the Porsche lovers) but I missed most of those, leaving early and watching the lightning show on the way home wondering how that was going to mess with the race (which it did in spectacular fashion..)

However before the heaven’s opened up and the sun bounced of some very intense metal, I got a little trigger happy and took quite a few photos of just about anything with wheels. Because that’s what I do – tripping across everything from life size kids toys, to manic street cars to a rotary powered Hilux as I lost myself again trying to remember how I got into the Surfers Paradise streets track in the first place.

So in no particular order, please enjoy this pic dump of cars a plenty. And bikes. And things with blowers and spikes. Glorious.

If the Supercars got a little too much for you, luckily some calm blue ocean was nearby..

Some brap history!

Everything about this car screamed ‘madness’. I love it!

And the classiest plates seen at the Supercars award winner is..

This this was subtle. Reaaaaaaaaaaal subtle.

My view of the track and all the Supercars shenanighans. Thanks giant vidscreen!

After getting horrendously lost trying to work my way around the Supercars (more than a few times), my step counter on the phone told me I coughed up an impressive 16,450 steps. At roughly just under a metre stride, that’s a few ks clocked up over the day. No wonder my ankles are still screaming the next day…

The fastest way to get rid of all these post its? Just go from 0-100 as fast as you can and let nature do the rest..

Ahh that’s what my Stagea needs…some spikes!

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