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The Mitsubishi Colt that seriously needs a vet

This is what a 1987 Mitsubishi Colt is supposed to look like..


In it’s heyday it was cheap, economical and basic to the core, which meant it fit in perfectly in the era of Ford Laser’s and Mazda 323’s as cars that took you wherever you liked as long as you didn’t want to get there in any particular hurry. Nowadays for anything from half a slab of beer right up to a $1000 you can net one and they’re a favorite of uni students with little to no cash to their name and no concern for modern styling. You could have one in auto or manual with a choice of 1.4 or 1.6 litre blocks. But while the later generations of Mitsubishi Colts (read: much later) had convertible models available, the idea of a drop top version for the budget motoring brigade of 1987 would have caused hysterical laughter in the sales room.

Luckily (or unluckily depending on your viewpoint) someone felt the need to create a special limited edition 1987 convertible version of the Colt (limited to only 1 so technically you could claim it was a very rare collectors edition). Unfortunately it ended up as one sick horsey that should’ve been pointed straight at the glue factory instead of ending up for sale on Facebook…

So without any further ado, we give you this – a handcrafted 1987 Mitsubishi Colt Convertible in Sinister (matt) black:

Behold the glory!
Behold the glory!

The ad read: for sale rare 1988 mitsubishi colt convertible,fully enginered,comes with current rwc and rego until feburary next year,open to descent offers. 

Sadly that’s all we have to go on at this stage – aside from the picture kept for prosperity, we never learnt if this experiment in 80’s motoring actually sold and if it did, what a decent offer would entail. (And if a decent security system came included) The fact that they went to the effort of getting it engineered (instead of rushing out to buy a factory made later model Mitsubishi Colt) speaks volumes for their love of this project even if the blackboard like paint looks a little awful uneven. The white wall tires are a different we guess but it’s still a Colt from 87-88 and they weren’t really known as pocket rockets back then either. (Have you seen this rolling around anywhere? Let us know!).

I did get the chance to show this pic to the General Manager of he local Mitsubishi dealership here who remarked that the blackboard parts really contrasted with the white walls and that no, it probably wouldn’t move pretty quickly if it ended up on the second hand lot.

Still, points for creativity – it still remains the only 1987-88 Mitsubishi Colt Convertible we’ve ever seen…


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