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The complaints department is open!

It’s been a while since I brought you a handy website, so allow me to present you with carcomplaints.com where the complaints are many and well worth a read if you’re about to go shopping..

(First things first though, if you’re noticing some strange going-on’s with the advertising here at Driveanotherday.com, it’s due to the Ezoic ad service doing a little fine tuning. In a few weeks time they should have it all running perfectly and that includes actual relevant car related advertising and far less Indian Dental Deals or PDF Software for free – joy! Thanks in advance for your understanding!)

Okay, on with the complaints. And for this post/page/blog/work I’m going to explore a few cars on my own shopping list to see what I may need to look out for (and that’s the beauty of this site, depending on the model there’s lots of absorb and study up on. Forewarned is less ripped off in the long run, or something.

How about we start with a look at a possible Lexus?


And wouldn’t you know it? Three out of the four possible Lexus’s on my wish list (the IS250, the RX330 and the RX350) have the most complaints (luckily the Lexus ES350 isn’t on my mind!) The forth, the Lexus IS200 doesn’t even make the list. Obviously it never made the states where this list was built. Now I have a theory that the more popular a car is, the more people will own one and the more complaints over time it’ll conjure up here, including the most common faults. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – there more you can look out for, the better prepared you’ll be. Let’s see what’s going wrong with the sleek looking IS250 then.



So from this I gather I should stay away from the 2007 model, just in case the dash melts on me unexpectedly. (Actually from what I’ve seen/read – a lot of Lexus models have cracked/melting dash issues so it’s not just the IS250 in this boat.) So maybe look from 2009 onward? What else could go wrong with an 07 Carcomplaints.com?


Oh wow, it really is the dash falling to bits here isn’t it? Okay, good to know!

Also this comment sounds like me trying to use a can of leakseal effectively:

Right then, I still want one but let’s see what else is complained about. How about an early 2000’s Volvo S60? It was on my list until I read that they can be expensive in the fixit shop on occasion due to parts and expertise but if I still considered one, what should I look out for oh complaints site?


Oooh those engine problems sound fun and expensive don’t they! Luckily my budget would probably never stretch to a problematic 2012 model, what if I picked up a bargain 2005 for a song? What fun, joy and expensive upkeep should I expect with this year?

Okay, so nothing really leading the pack there. And at least the dash won’t melt on me any time soon. How about a Honda Accord? 2008 or so would be a good year would it not?

Holy hell, that’s a lot of unhappy Honda owners. Good to know! (And lots to read!)

Some obvious drawbacks with this site:

-It’s US based so you’re not reading up on Holden’s anytime soon (but you can read up on Chevrolet as some are rebadged Holden’s like the Chevrolet SS). Same with Australian specific models from the big companies like the Toyota Aurion that never made it to the US. Luckily there’s plenty of other pages out there to read up on Aussie cars.

-You’re not going to have much luck with the imported stuff but that’s a given.

-Not all complainers are mechanically minded. And there’s nothing worse when your rotary has its cylinders stolen!

-As I said earlier, the most popular cars have the most complaints. This in turn makes them look as the worst cars on the planet when more to the point they’re the most reported on. If anything you can really go to town with your possible problem list when shopping around.

And on one last night before you go and bury yourself in entertaining complaints…

I really think it’s time to let Benny go…

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