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The limited sightings of the GT Limited.

I doubt there’s been a week since I sold my Soarer that I haven’t tripped over another Toyota Soarer somewhere. Whether they’re the Twin Turbo or V8 variety, it seems Australia imported over a tonne of Z30 models over the years and now given their relatively low price, they can be found pretty everywhere. (So it’s now up there with Commodores, Falcons and once upon a time the Hyundai Excel).

What you rarely see however, is the earlier second generation Z20 models running around – which is a shame really because they look the business and scream 80’s more than a strung out Duran Duran fan…

Seriously, while this clean Soarer GT Limited example seems reminiscent of the late late 80s on the outside…

Soarer GT Limited
The 80’s called and wanted all their straight lines back..

…it’s the interior and gadgetry that makes the Delorien DMC from Back to the Future look like it was built by Apple just last week. Behold the glory of 1988:

Soarer GT Limited
Wait I don’t see why you’re gushing over the 80’s of this car as it’s typical 80’s luxury and I do-
Soarer GT Limited

How epic is that dash??

Yes the cousin to the Toyota Supra, my 1991 Soarer had a digital dash too but not one like this ripped out of a 1982 Japanese arcade game (it looks like it should be controlled by a joystick with a dial and a button) and I’m sure the second button from the left actually controls warp speed. At a guess, once you’re up around 6k RPM you’ll probably start spinning back in time and the inspiration for this artistic mesh of form and function obviously hailed from hand held computerized toys of the era – awesome!

Whatever the buttons on the steering wheel do, I don’t actually care, I just wished they hung around in the much more common 3rd generation (we got horns and nothing else).

Soarer GT Limited
T Shifter straight out of a Mitsubishi Magna.

So many buttons, so little time. Seriously, I’d just be happy to sit in it and let it idle while I flicked every switch, pressed every button and discovered every little thing that screen was capable of.

Now while you can buy a rough example of a third gen Toyota Soarer for a couple of grand, this 88 example will set you back a little more as it’s currently priced at $6500. This comes with a bit of work done to it: This car has everything except crash airbags. Recon Master Cylinder. Replaced tail shaft center bearing. Recon starter motor. New Radiator & hoses.New brake pads & calipers. Recon Air Compressor. Fitted new valve stem seals & timing chain, head bolts etc. New battery this year.
Modifications: Replaced AirBags suspension fitted with HSDTT coilovers. Priced to sell $6500

Tempting, tempting, even just for that glorious Atari like dash…

Got one yourself or maybe a Toyota Supra of the same vintage? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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