Where it says color, please put down ‘many’.

There’s nothing like a brilliant head turning paint job on a car, especially one that isn’t seen as often as you’d like on the roads. Case in point being this fine looking Ford XR6 Harlequin Paint Ute that’s changed 6 different colors in the time it’s taken to read this sentence…

Harlequin paint
I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Harlequin auto paint is priced at roughly $1000 a liter  which makes buying this 96 Ford XR6 Ute at a mere $3500 an absolute bargain. It’s like paying for half the paint job and getting the other half and a complete utility thrown in for free. Add in the 265,000 ks and you should have a ride that should amaze anyone driving past and the sun for years to come. 96 Ford xr6 harlequin paint job 96 Ford xr6 harlequin paint job

    According to the ad the rest of it is in pretty good nick too: Has a dint in passenger door as seen in pics, could be popped out and has surface rust on inside of door jams like most ford utes, has a few dints and scratches but still looks great.  Get heaps of attention, changes 7 different colours, changes colour with each step you take and depending on where the sun is, must be seen in person to appreciate.   96 Ford xr6 harlequin paint job 96 Ford xr6 harlequin paint jobLooks amazing and incredibly helpful if you need to move something from point A to point B with a huge load of attention along the way. The only possible downside we could think of in owning this beast is the incredible paranoia when it comes to looking after the Harlequin paint job as it’s incredibly doubtful there’s a touch up paint pen on this Earth that could blend in a scratch on this thing. Given it’s price, you could probably hire a family member to ride along with it to ensure other drivers don’t park anywhere near it. Now if only we were tradie enough around here to need such a thing…

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