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Lamborghini Reventon

For sale: Lamborghini Reventon. Just BYO 300ZX

Well you don’t see that every day (well not in full size ones anyway) – A Lamborghini Reventon on eBay!

Although if you’re keen on this beast, you might want to make sure you have a spare 300ZX lying around…

Wait..a Nissan 300ZX? For all the love of all things Nissan, why?

You will need one of these..
You will need one of these..

To create your new Lamborghini Reventon of course!

To explain further, here’s the important details from eBay:

Hi all, up for sale is the production fibreglass moulds for a 2013 Lamborghini Reventon kit car. The tooling moulds are, Roof section, Bonnet, Front bar, Rear bar, Rear diffuser, Side pods, Doors inner and outers, Rear quarters, Front quarters, Mirrors, Tail lights, Front light boxes, Rear vents, Dash, door cards, every piece you need to manufacture this great looking car.

I have over 500 build photos and a number of jigs and drawings of key parts. Well over 1500 man hours invested here. 

As mentioned before this kit is based on a Z32 FRONT ENGINED sports car so handles extreamly well and drives like a normal car in the wet as u have weight over your steering wheels therefore good grip unlike the mr2 and fiero based replicas that loose all handling characteristics in wet weather.  the kit should be engineerable in any state as its classed as a rebodied vehicle instead of a ICV so compliance is much simpler and less expensive.   

This kit and its design has been done in such a way that the whole front half of the car is removable for easier access to motor,dash and interior for ease to work on if ever needed., it also has a huge engine bay so motor upgrades are very easy, if v8s are your thing a LS1 slots very nicely into the bay of a 300zx and leaves more room in the bay than the original v6 twin turbo.

Yes if you can’t afford the price of a Lamborghini Reventon (and with only 20 made and a price tag of 1.5-2 million dollars, your chances are astronomically slim) then you can buy these molds, a 300ZX and craft your own…

Lamborghini Reventon


Reventon 2


Reventon 4

Or as many Lamborghini Reventons as your heart desires (provided you have plenty of spare 300ZX’s lying about.)

We’ve crunched the numbers for you: The maximum for the molds for this Lamborghini Reventon replica kit ($20,000) + the cheapest cost of a complete working Nissan 300ZX that we could find on eBay ($1750) + god knows how many work hours and labor to shape these molds to perfection = $21,750.

The number of replica cars you could make if you did every single bit of work yourself for free that would add up to the single price of a real Lamborghini Reventon? = 68.

That’s a lot of Lambos!!

So who’s keen on rolling your own here?



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