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Another Rx40

Isn’t it amazing when you start on one place on social media and then with just a couple of clicks, a twist and turn here, a jump there and suddenly you find yourself looking at something completely different, all while asking the Talking Heads inspired question: How did I get here?

Case in point earlier this week when I was looking at a Facebook post after a damaged Ferrari project.

A link in the post later suddenly I find myself looking at a Series 1 Mazda Rx7 with prancing horse aspirations that have lasted almost three decades now…

I’m having some deja vu here..I vaguely remember a Rx7 F40..

As you might, given that we found a Mazda Rx7 Ferrari F40 lookalike build a couple of years back. The builders in Japan opted for a 2nd Generation Rx7 (Fc Model) that they turned into thus:

f40 Rx7

This latest Ferrari 7 project? Well this one involves the first in the lineup of Rotary Xperiments No 7, from 1978-79. Which started out like this:

1979 Mazda rx7

And now looks like thus:

It’s been a length journey to get to here as well according to the ad (yes it is for sale!)

I started this project around 28 years ago and the car has been living in the shed ever since out of the weather. My vision was to build a Ferrari F40 of similar lines with upgrades to look more modern on this 1978 Series One Mazda RX7. I had other car projects that have kept me from completing this build. I would like to sell this project to someone who would see the vision to have a one off car to have amazing times in.

The car is fitted with a fully rebuilt Chevy V6 3.8 litre engine. (It can be run on gas). It has a turbo 350 gearbox tricked up. A ford 9 inch limited slipped diff, 28 spline and 4.11 gears. It has approx a 600 HP new turbo added with Holly Carby and large intercooler. Ford disc brakes all around. All fibreglass work is backed up with semi rigid foam to make it very strong and reasonably lightweight for the strength it gives.

I can assure the public that this is a reluctant sale. I have pondered over many years about selling, but now is the right time. I am prepared to accept all reasonable offers as I have spent thousands of hours on it. All moulds that I have come with the project.
No time wasters please. Either you want to continue and complete the project or you want it stripped back to restore the 1978 Series One RX7 as they are now very rare.
Not everything is list so for more information please contact me. Norm.

Some fine sanding going on to get to this level Norm!

Non dorito’s fans will be happy to see the small 12A has given way to a Chev V6 and plenty of grunt. Given the work involved, you’d be happy for the brakes upgrade too!

Obviously there’s a fair bit involved in both parts of this mighty project – finishing the Ferrari or restoring the Mazda but either way if you do end up buying it, can you let us know your plans?

Now to find an FD3S project on its way to becoming a Ferrari F40 to complete the Rx7 trilogy..

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