More slow cruiser than actual rat rod..

You know I didn’t think it was possible to somehow make a Chrysler PT Cruiser look even worse from factory but once again Facebook quite happily proves me wrong..

But how is it possible you ask? How can you take an already bowling shoe ugly PT Cruiser and somehow make it look even less appealing than stock standard?

You give it the Rat Rod treatment! For some reason that completely and utterly escapes me and possibly the rest of the Rat Rod community around the world. Behold the rustiness..

Rusted PT Cruiser

Currently unregistered, for a mere $1500 (and whatever it costs to get it back on the road) you too could be cruising (albeit slowly) just absorbing all the strange looks being lobbed your way. And trust me, even though the original PT Cruiser barely registers a blip on anyone’s radar anymore this one certainly would.

According to the ad it’s rust paint and hasn’t been dredged up from the bottom of the ocean after having all its paint sanded off and left there for 6 months. Although the ad doesn’t specify the why of it all unless they were hoping for a more post apocalyptic rusted look, ala something like this:

Did it work though? Ahh that’s a negative ghost rider. The pink grill doesn’t really help its case either. Now it looks like a rusted baby hearse, ready to carry your dead budgie to its final resting place.

rusted pt cruiser

Rest in peace Chirpy.

‘But Almigo!’ you wail, ‘Giving this PT Cruiser the rust treatment has given it character! It’s given it some soul!’ Well allow me to remove any and all of that but showing you the soul crushing interior then. Behold it’s cheap plastic magnificence!

Pt Cruiser for sale

Funnily enough though as ugly as it is, it’s already had a couple of people asking about it via the same Facebook ad. So either there’s an underground community full of love for this model no matter how rough it looks or someone really has a rusty car fetish. You be the judge!

2 thoughts on “More slow cruiser than actual rat rod..”

    • In 50 years when all the classics have been uncovered, the only barn finds will be Daewoo Nubiras and Kia Sportages. *shudders*


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