Runs good! The 91 Miata almost ready to roll

Yes I know we call them Mx5’s down under as well as other places. Yes it might need a new transmission before you get lost in the dessert with it, but how awesome is the setup in this 1991 Miata anyway? Snap on some goggles, wrap a scarf over your mouth as you have at it, churning the sand, dirt and everything else like it’s nobody’s business!

Introducing the Sand Runner 91 Miata

From the massive melting pot that is Facebook Marketplace the world over:

Seller’s Description

This is the Runs Good Sand Runner 1991 Mazda Miata!

Sold AS-IS… some areas are pretty rough! (see pics) Turbo 1.6 engine runs great but transmission has issues. Shifter will engage, clutch pedal works, no engagement to the driveshaft. Not sure what’s happening there… assuming that it needs a transmission. No battery, but I put one in to start it up for the video and can do the same for any serious buyers. No seat belts. No top. No key. 91 only.

Turbo Kit
Equal length manifold
Long travel custom suspension (Front passenger side needs reinforcement/bolts broke while gettin’ it!)
Feal Suspension 441 coilovers
Torsen LSD
Konig Wheels Sand/paddle tires
Hydraulic handbrake (drift brake)
Hard Dog roll bar
Winch Boost and A/F gauges
Kirkey bucket seat

If you’re not in love with the current suspension setup, the long travel can be removed if you have stock components. Could be a great off-roader, easily converted to a drift car, or with a lot of love a daily driver. Bring a trailer, make me an offer, NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES.

91 Miata

Okay, she’s no show pony. Okay, so it does need a little bit of work (and possibly some seat belts if you’re big on safety or have bad luck when it comes to keeping vehicles stable) but I think we can all agree, this 91 Miata certainly does look the business.

And even better, this one looks more than operational. Which is so many steps above another Mazda of this era project we remember to turn a road going car into something for the sand.

I mean the Mazda Rx7 sand rail on Monster Garage started off with good intentions:

Oh god, a vert. How rare these things are nowadays.

…and ended up twisted burning scrap thanks to Jesse James and a minigun.

Frustration got the better of him.
Look I know it was a lesser desirable non turbo model but as a former Rx owner, this still hurt.

Anywhoos, back to this sand beasty. If we can keep this 91 Miata away from JJ and anyone with the same access level to heavy firepower, I think it’ll go alright.

91 Mx5
Woosh goes the hairdryer.

And with the winch up front, you can certainly drag yourself out of trouble (or into it if you’re that way inclined.)

Currently listed on Facebook Marketplace for 6000 bald eagles, the closer you to Arizona, the quicker you can swoop in a scoop up this sand devil of a 91 Miata.

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drift dinosaur

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ls1 mx5

It’s quite the project!

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