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Running down the numbers in the registry

Today we’d like to send out a huge thanks to the team behind GTR Registry for their latest edition to their site – namely the massive amount of awesome stuff you can find out about your own Nissan Stagea!

Yep, if you too own one of Nissan’s finest station wagons, you definitely owe yourself a trip to the GTR registry to find out a little more about your beast, especially how it rolled off the showroom floor!

So what is it?

A huge database that you can trace your Stagea through to find out what was on it when it was first created and how many (or how few in some cases) came out with the same package. If you’ve ever downloaded and used the Nissan FAST system (I have and it’s a huge system) it’s similar for the most part but with a lot more explanation and a whole lot less Japanese I can’t read.

All you’ll need is your vin and the code you find next to it and away you go.

Unlock the secrets of this load hauling beast!
Unlock the secrets of this load hauling beast!

For example:

Plugging my vin number into the WGC34 Vin Database nets me the following info – my wagon was built in December 2000, it’s a Series 2 RS-V, the paint code is KR4 Sonic Silver and originally it had a navigation system on board but no rear spoiler. (Which is kind of interesting as it now has a spoiler and no navigation system on board..) It also came from factory with a 100v power inverter (I did wonder what that outlet was for) and interior: Z (which must be cloth.)

The model serial gives further details. In my case it’s TGKAREAC34UDA-J-A– which translates to:

A= ?
But what about the rest, the -J-A-? They’re option numbers. The dashes means your car doesn’t have any of the options in that particular block while the letters represent the ones you do. Which means in December 2000 my war wagon rolled out with: J-No air spoiler (why this was an option is anyone’s guess) and A-Navigation system and 100V power inverter (well at least one of them is still there..)
Even more amazingly, the site has managed to track the numbers down and found out there’s exactly 190 other cars with the exact same model serial – same features (not necessarily same colors obviously, they’re not all silver) from the first with this code from September 1998 to the last Stagea with this feature pack to the last in March 2001.
Oi! Who nicked my navigation system?
Oi! Who nicked my navigation system?

So is it 100% accurate?

Possibly. There are reports that same cars came out with options that weren’t officially listed on their plates. Personally I have a S.F.H.C sticker on the back of mine that stands for Super Fine Hard Coat in relation to the paint but there’s no mention of it through this system. Now the original owner could have bought that sticker for shits and giggles..still, it’s got everything else spot on so it’s three thumbs up from me!

Pretty nerdy stuff obviously but a great resource if you love your Stagea and want a little more history about it. Check it out today! (And thanks again to the research crew at GTR Registry!)


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