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Rumble off into the sunset

Sigh, the day had to come didn’t it? A couple of days ago I watched (with a little lump in my throat) as Project WRX, my 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX drove off into the sunset and onward to it’s new home.

And it happened faster than I could utter the words ‘Nope, that bit’s been fixed too…’

I’ve already documented some of the adventures of Project WRX already here at Driveanotherday including sealing up a leaking rocker cover and replacing the 16 year old 3 inch bazooka that doubled as an exhaust and after printing out an H pattern to stick near the gearstick, I realized I’d run out of things to fix. So a call was made to my local mechanic to give it a check for roadworthy and away we’d go.

94 Subaru
What to do when your gear knob has no selector pattern..

The mechanic’s report was better than most of my school grades: ‘All we had to do was clean up a little spilt oil in the bay” and that was it. This was either testament to my amazing mechanic abilities or far more likely, the pretty decent condition it was in before I got hold of it. Regardless, I got my green slip and decided that night was as good as any to post it up on online classifieds and try my luck.

Q. How much call is there for a 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX in decent nick?

A. Much more than you’d think given the responses.

Disregarding the first test with an email address attached that belonged to a scammer (always Google any email addys you get kids just in case), I got my first text message about a mere 36 hours later from a very enthusiastic Subaru fan an hour down the road. He didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to take a look so organised a time later that arvo to come round.
While I waited for him to show, another two messages came through. I checked the email, four new messages. Someone tried to call me about it during the test drive. Yeah 94 must have been a pretty popular year for the bubbly little boxer.

After putting the car through every single pace the buyer could think of, he asked a tonne of questions about its service history and I could happily pull out a receipt about every single item (tip 2 – always keep your paperwork organised). I think he kept asking so he could find something he could haggle me down on but gave up after a time and agreed to what I was offering it for because he really couldn’t fault much (save for the couple of dog hairs in the back).
So he ended up with a very decent 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX and I ended up with more money than I planned to when I first brought it home – a win win all round.

Still miss it though, it was a ripper car.

When I cancelled the ad only two days after I put it up (free sites are nice but there’s a lot of people crawling through the paid ones) I checked out the stats – the car had turned up in over 1100 searches and was clicked on over 100 times…in two days! One guy even emailed me after I modified the ad to say ‘sold pending pick up’ and told me to call him if the sale fell through! (And points to the guy who txt me with ‘If I drive up there and bring <$1700 LESS THAN ADVERTISED> can I have it?’ – nice try.)

So now it’s the Soarer’s time for a new home. But can the 1991 Twin Turbo go in record time just like the 94 Subaru? Fingers crossed as I now have a big hankering to buy a Subaru wagon..

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