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It looks like one, goes like another

Love your cars but can’t afford the real thing? Buy a car that looks like the real thing (and save heaps)!

Yep, replica cars. A tenth of the price and occasionally looking like the car they’re attempting to pay homage to!

Wait, is that a Mini Cooper?


Nay, tis a 2000 Daihatsu Cuore! Cheap to fuel, cheap to insure and turns plenty of heads according to the seller. There’s obviously been a tonne of work gone into shaping this thing as a normal 2000 Curore looks….er…pretty plain really..

Blink and miss it.
Blink and miss it.

No seriously, the replica looks far sharper than what rolled off the production line originally..

Ooh, is that a Subaru WRX GC8 hatch I see?

Not a WRX

Well yes you get a point for getting the Subaru bit correct and it does include a lot of bits you’d normally find in a WRX (like the wheels, cluster, bonnet, seats, stickers etc) but it’s actually a naturally aspirated AWD RX version. There’s no snail there in the engine bay which will keep both anxious parents and insurance companies happy. Looks the goods – just don’t try to race an actual WRX with it anytime soon.

Not an STI

You can even find Sti lookalike versions too!

Bargain priced AMG?

Not an AMG

Well for 2 grand you can afford this Mercedes-Benz c180 that comes complete with AMG body kit and seats. And as long as you don’t try to show off in it or try to convince AMG owners that yours truly is the real deal, you’ll do just fine.

Nice looking Merc for 2 grand though 🙂

Do my eyes deceive me or is that a Lamborghni Reventon?


They do deceive you! That’s actually a Nissan 300ZX under all that work and you can read more about it right here!

God I love Ferrari’s…wait-


What you’re actually looking at is a professional 430 kit available at MR2 kits over in the UK. You’ll need a Toyota Mr2 Mark 2 made from 1990 to 1998 (and not a drop top version) and a basic ability with tools to turn your Toyota into a Ferrari but the kits look awesome! Finally an affordable Ferrari (lookalike).

There seems to be something odd looking about that Bugatti Veyron…


Probably the fact that what you’re looking at is a 90’s Honda Civic – a huge light year jump away from the performance of an actual Bugatti Veyron. But hey if you’ve always lusted over a Veyron but the funds can only stretch to Civic levels of money then this is always an option..

You know I don’t think this one is the real deal…

This thing

Yeah but if you squint in the dark this attempted replica might, kinda look like something…

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