Magna next level. Once you fix the box.

Now who doesn’t love to read the words ‘issues’ or ‘needs tlc’ when looking through car ads? It’s the thrill of the unknown. Could this be a cheap fix or cost me my mortgage to sort out? Is it worth the punt?

Well once you figure out what’s going on with the Gearbox in this thing, you can get a Ralliart Magna back on the road!
But ‘it’s just a Magna’ I hear you say…

Well yes and then no. It’s a tweaked Magna by Ralliart for maximum funability!

Classic tuning techniques like a camshaft with higher lift and cylinder heads modified for both more flow and higher compression were major elements of the plan. Add a stainless-steel exhaust system with a proper extractor setup, a remapped ECU and suddenly, the dyno was spitting out numbers like 180kW (up from 167) at 5500rpm and 333Nm at 4400.

The end result was a Magna with a much more responsive, up-and-at-’em feel, and a phat note to go with it. It was  appreciably quicker in a straight line than lesser Magnas yet it still fulfilled all those Aussie hot-six requirements like being able to seat five and having a decent boot.


And for $2600 right now (time of article) you could own this one: (#122 of ?)

Ralliart Magna

It does drive but then there’s that little gearbox thing…

This limited edition build 122 magna ralliart is up for sale. Has been a great car but unfortunately it needs a little TLC. Gearbox has issues not sure what. Clear coat is peeling. Other then that it drives, its unregistered selling as is and negotiable on price.

I mean it could be a cheap fix you might rebuild gearboxs in your spare time as a hobby..

It’s also listed as an auto but ahh..

Ralliart Magna

Apparently these things were priced at around $50k back in 2002-2004 so this is quite a drop. However if the bunged box has you shivering involuntarily, then if you spend a little more you can buy this one instead!


Anyone here got one/had one/driven one and want to share ownership advice or tips on gearboxes? Feel free to go hog wild below!

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