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How safe is now?

To get a roadworthy check previously I’d have to ring a garage, organise a time, drop the car off in the morning, get a lift to work, get a lift back to the garage when it was hopefully ready for pickup and go from there. This time all I had to do was answer my phone…

(Now I must point out that in my new state of Queensland, the safety certificate needed to register our cars from another state is not as comprehensive as the one’s down south. They still make sure the car is nice and safe enough to be on the road of course but with less work needed, having this check down in the comfort of your own garage is more of an option and as a consequence there’s plenty of mobile safety certificate providers to choose from. You can still get it done at a garage of course but if you have a fair idea that your car is up to scratch, it’s far easier to have someone roll up to your door.)

It was only 10 minutes after I emailed the guy (who I shortly learned was named Steve) that he called me back to organise a time and rolled up to give the wife’s Lancer a safety check the very next day. And true to his word (after a quick phone call because our street is so new it’s not on his GPS) he was there on time and ready to roll.

Not the same Steve, but just as happy as the guy who rolled up.

And while he was giving the wife’s Lancer a good look over he was more than happy to chat about this that and everything else (being semi retired I think he enjoys the social side of his work, especially when you get someone like me who just doesn’t know when to shut up) and we covered plenty of ground in the time he took to put the Lancer through it’s paces:

-The state of the real estate market and having to deal with some pretty troublesome buyers (amen brother!)

  • How the weather on the Gold Coast is much nicer than his previous location (I forget where this was)

  • Living on a farm as a kid

  • People who just don’t do their job properly (including other issuers of safety certificates)

Eventually I managed to steer him around to the conversation of things he’d seen while giving cars and bikes safety checks and unsurprisingly being where we are, he’s carried out some work for people with more garage spaces than bedrooms. Ferrari’s, Porches, sporty Mercs and Beamers and many properties where out the back you’d usually find a shed with more exotic metal than you knew what to do with.

“Of course there are plenty of times when you roll up and there’s something rough as shit parked there…but most of the time it’s your average commuter cars in decent condition.”
-Steve the mobile certificate guy

In fact if he didn’t get stuck in random conversations with yours truly, he’d have probably finished his look over in half the time. But I didn’t need to be anywhere and he was up for a chat so neither of us minded.

After checking over the seat belts, the lights, the horn, the brakes, the engine and vin numbers, the handbrake, the water jets and the wipers (“You might want to replace these at your next service”) he deemed the little Lancer safe for the state of Queenland and wrote up a safety certificate on the spot. $95 later (still cheaper than a Victorian RWC) and we were well on the way to registering the little Lancer (we did the next day after a mountain of paperwork).

Quick, convenient and I could even make a coffee while he did his things. Thanks Steve!

Now to make sure the Warwagon passes enough tests to do the same…

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