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Nissan Pintara

Give power to the Nissan Pintara

My best mate Heath once had a Nissan Pintara. Bright red and shiny, it came with a disco light powered by the cigarette lighter socket and many stupid adventures were had by all in this tribute to lunchbox shaped 80’s autos.

However as good as this four banger was, it was never a car that would put the fear of god into anything it pulled up alongside of at the lights. Well not like this Nissan Pintara I’ve found on Facebook…

Let me guess, they’ve wedged in an LS1 in there haven’t they?

Give that car fanatic a high five! Indeed they have! Out comes the CA20E and in goes…

Which honestly looks like it’s supposed to be in there. (And the Ls the world crew claim another victory).

What’s even more entertaining here is the fact that the rest of the car looks fresh out of 1987 and stock as a rock. Well aside from the gear selector (more about that in a sec)

So many blocky buttons and brown everywhere in this Nissan Pintara. Brown on brown with a tint of brown to really make the brown go to town! #brown

Also this must have been a ‘before’ picture because the shifter has gone through a little work: (And that tape deck seems to have taken a hammering in its time)

The underside looks a little tidy too

Nissan Pintara

What was that thing about the gearbox you were going to mention?

Oh yeah, that thing. It won’t get into 3rd which is a little niggle. However that seems to be the only problem in the ad so far:

Seller’s Description

Ls1 pintara Body is clean no rust. Was purchased from original owner. Locked rear. Will not shift into 3rd gear. Motor is extremely healthy low to moderate kms. Starts runs and drives. Lots unlisted. Selling as it sits. No offers. Price is FIRM $6000

Still as overpowered sleeper cars go, this (like the LS powered Mx5 we found a while back) would be a lot of serious sideways fun…

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