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Subaru Fiori

Pocket rocket Subaru

Looking to downsize your current ride? Well look no further! This Subaru Fiori I found for sale/trade locally will tick every tiny car ownership and with a bit of luck and a liberal amount of silicone spray (thanks Wizard) would probably fit right in the back of my Stagea too!

Wait, a Subaru what?

Yeah a Subaru Fiori which has gone by a lot of names around the world including the Subaru Rex, Subaru 500, 600, 700, Ace, Mini Jumbo, Sherpa and Viki. It’s a pokey little Kei class car that can carry two up front and a couple of bags of shopping in the back and hilariously little else.

And at best guess I don’t think I’ve seen one of these things outside Gran Turismo 2. But aside from the flaking paint, how much fun does this thing look!

Subaru Fiori

Most cars dream they had a polished display area for whatever tiny thing they’ve just bought from the shops to sit on!

Yes that is a motorcycle exhaust there, well spotted. Strangely it doesn’t seem out of place on this little beastie..

I saw the year (1989) I saw the flaking white paint and immediately I wondered if that was the infamous Crystal White that flaked away on my 1989 Rx7 and various 1989 Mazda Mx5’s painted in the same color. And it seems Subaru did uses this obvious bad batch from 1988 so it’s highly likely it’s the case here. Best way to fix this is to keep driving it until it all flakes away and start again, it’s only a matter a time.

I love this little thing and am looking forward to the day I actually cross paths with it here in town (although blink and I may miss it). If you’re keen on adding it to your collection, it’s not hard to find at all via Facebook (just search for Subaru Kei – easy done!)

From the Facebook ad itself:

E.O.I – mainly looking for swaps, all cars are welcomed 🙂 This is my 1989 Subaru Fiori Kei car (Australian delivered) -5 Months rego -It has a 4 cyl 700cc engine that is very healthy, starts first time every time (no blow by or any issues, runs great) has aftermarket aircleaner on it off my holden 202, looks cool imo but I still have the original aircleaner has a 4 speed manual that doesn’t crunch but could use with some new shifter bushes (not overly bad just if you want crisp gear changes) and does a solid 110kph fairly easy the mechanical side of this car is what shines, everything works perfectly -body is abit worse for ware, paint is peeling everywhere and it has its fair share of dints but no rust anywhere (besides some small surface rust where the paints chipped) -has BT Radio with 2 4″ speakers in the front and 2 6×9’s in the rear. -currently on stock suspension all around, not lowered or anything -has some euro 12 inch 4 stud wheels off a mini but will come with the original wheels tyres on them are bridgestone potenza’s and are like new still -has custom straight through exhaust made for it with an ebay grom muffler on the rear (sounds really nice with some cool pops and cracks) -has saas steering wheel and boss kit to fit but has momo horn button – the car has been maintained very well mechanically with no leaks and the oil have been changed every 2500km (cause why not it only holds around 2L in the motor) -have used this as my daily for a while but I am looking at trying something different, not in a rush to get rid of it, I can also get more photos at the persons request, I don’t have a cash price really but don’t be put off to offer a price, money does talk aha. also I still have all the original parts and a stock muffler too if the motorbike one isn’t your taste

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