Where dreams and racing memories are made

So it’s holidays time and the family wants some theme park action while you’d prefer a knowledgeable afternoon gazing at racing history? Well may I suggest Dreamworld on the Gold Coast my car loving friend for the best of both worlds…

(Now before we get started if you’re not aware of who Peter Brock, the King of the Mountain was, it’s probably best you take in a little light reading right here. Once you’re done come right back and enjoy the trip down memory lane)

I must admit that I had no idea the Peter Brock Museum was even a part of the Dreamworld experience until we found ourselves on the scenic train and I was exploring possibilities for the day on the map. ‘Hey a motorsports experience! Right well now I know where I’m going after this train stops…’

And after all the rides and attractions, home made peanut butter sandwiches and endless cokes I finally coerced the family over to the Motorsports complex where you could quite easily lose yourself in the history of Peter Brock for quite some time. ┬áBecause it’s not just pictures and video of the legend in action, it’s a bit of everything – everything in this case being a ripper collection of cars. From the Austin 7 with no brakes (or body) that Peter Brock learnt to race around in to the last car he ever drove, a Daytona Sportscar, there’s tonnes of them here. Some of them are the original ones that smashed through the finish line, some are replicas – but all are incredible and definitely worth a butchers.

(For a full list of every car that’s on display here, check out this link)

After you do a full loop of the early days to the last, you’ll find yourself tempted by the row of V8 racing simulators where for $15 for 15 minutes you can bash, crash and grind off as many walls as your heart desires. Obviously the plan here is to race the computer and/or your mates but it took me quite some time to stop pinballing off one wall and into the next…

So if you love your cars, racing history or have always been a massive fan of Peter Brock, don’t miss this one!

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