That’s one expensive dragon..

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start out this afternoon looking for personalised plates. I was looking for Lancia Delta Intergrales (because why not?) but somehow tripped over a truly expensive personalised plate instead. Which lead to looking right through Gumtree for other options from semi affordable to a plate perfect for dragon lovers (and not so much for everyone else)…

Here’s what we’ve unearthed that’s still for sale at the time of writing.

For the record:

This is not personalised plate bashing in the slightest. Having owned a set myself ‘ALMIGO’ – my nickname that only I and close friends ever understood, I do understand the appeal of plates. And when you get the right one on the right car, so much the better. LWNMWR on a Mazda Rx7 will always be entertaining.

And if you’re keen on a set of personalised plates in Australia, you can try one of these sites to see if your ideal plate is taken so far. NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, NT, TAS, WA.

Let’s start with this one.

personalised plates

Is your name Abby? Were you born in 1908 or 2008? Do you live in Victoria? Guess what, you can buy these for just $350! It’s an Abby specific bargain!

However for $2500 you can have NOICE A!

Brand new Qld Prestige Plates,

never taken out of bubble wrap.

Add some Fun to your classic car or daily driver.

Eat your heart out Magda and Kim ( Uber eats add)

Its ” NOICE A ” , how cool is that ?

As much as I’d like to see it on a classic car I feel that it’s probably going to end up on a Hyundai I30 or Mitsubishi ASX with nothing special going on. Also probably on a car worth far less than the asking price of $2500. Just a hunch.

What about CHASE ME personalised plates? Yours for just $5K!

personalised plates

Do you have a burning desire to prove how fast you are or a need to be chased when just popped down to the shops for a loaf of bread and a liter of milk? Then these plates are for you!

Comedy option: Put them on a stock standard Nissan Juke

Double your budget to 10k and take these home: ITSAV8

personalised plates v8

Says itself really. Good for those models that came out in both V6 and V8 options and you want people to know what’s hauling it along. Also great for anything surprising that now sports a V8. (ie: Something that came out with far less cylinders originally.)

And finally for $20,000 you can have:

Personalised plates

Nightfury – Toothless from how to train your dragon shows and movie – Queensland personalised number plates. Brand new. Never put on car. Still in packaging.
Regretful sale. Not in any rush to sell.
Carbon fibre look back. Silver writing.

Does your Queensland car look like this?

Look I’ve seen the TV series thanks to my kids and Netflix and I know the dragon they’re talking about here…. but $20000 worth of fictional dragon that more than likely you’ll have to explain to people?

People: You meant Night Rider yeah?

You: No no, Night Fury. He’s a dragon you see…

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