Aliens VS Predator VS Ford Falcon

You can tell it’s race weekend here on the Gold Coast (that’d be the Vodaphone Gold Coast 600 for those playing at home) because my favourite auction yard have brought out all the toys in the toy box. And in the middle of those mountains of classic metal sits one owners homage to a bitter rivalry that not even an entire universe can contain..

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How to clean car mats

It’s been an age since I last gave my car a decent clean – and I mean more than just the customary quick spin through some heavy rain so I don’t have to do much type of clean. No I mean the lets get rid of all the dirt both outside and inside. Which meant the car mats would need some love. Something that probably hasn’t happened since they first got thrown in there circa the year 2000…

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$490 worth of sheer FJ Holden lunacy.

The last time I helped host the All Holden Day at the Bendigo Showgrounds, I took quite a few pictures of every car I came close to (you can see a lot of them right here. ) This time around due to my announcing commitments I only had the time to happy snap a couple of them. But what fun cars they turned out to be, especially the FJ Holden rotting away quietly outside…

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Rough and roadworthy ready

Well it’s come that time finally. Time to roll up the sleeves and tool away as much as possible to the get the Warwagon ready for another roadworthy check. The last check had a couple of niggling little things on there but now that I have both some time and money, join me as we patch things up to pass any scrutineers scrutiny..

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A Toyota called Ed?

On the way to work the other day I drove past a very ratty rusty  looking Toyota I’d never seen before – on the back garnish/scuff plate/whatever the bit between the rear lights is called proudly displayed ‘ED’ in factory lettering.

A Toyota Ed? What the hell was I looking at here?


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How safe is now?

To get a roadworthy check previously I’d have to ring a garage, organise a time, drop the car off in the morning, get a lift to work, get a lift back to the garage when it was hopefully ready for pickup and go from there. This time all I had to do was answer my phone…

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Getting oil stains out of your garage floor

Oil stains garage

Lets face it, garages are supposed to get dirty. Unless you’re rich enough to have a car wash installed at the front of your garage, sooner or later the place is going to get dirty and your concrete floors are going to get stained. It’s what garages were built for really. However with a rent inspection on the way for yours truly, I figured the rental place probably wouldn’t be too enthused with the fine collection of 5w40 I’ve been building up directly under the engine bay and so some kind of effort would be needed in clean up before they came calling…

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Troubleshooting a dropped cylinder

The problem: Occasionally my six cylinders in the Stagea will drop down to five with no prior warning leaving me with a shaking engine and a sound like an ill WRX. This comes and goes randomly but usually occurs at low speeds. For a while I’ve suspected the coil packs were at fault but after some reading I’m not too sure. So yesterday it was a half day in the garage for some fine tuning and hopefully a solution…

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C34 Stagea Fuel Economy Test

Once upon a time I was getting pretty rubbish fuel economy in my C34 Nissan Stagea – mileage up there with my old Rx7 which honestly wasn’t that great (just a sniff over 400ks to a tank). However once I swapped out the dead o2 sensor things improved slightly but given the short trips too and from work that really abused the fuel tank, it still wasn’t anything to write home about.

But now that I’m driving 35kms each way to work and back daily on the great highway known as the M1, would this be a better test of how much juice the Warwagon sips on from fill up to petrol light?

Lets find out – roll on the Stagea fuel economy test!

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