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There are caravans, there are RV’s. And then this piece of ‘sleep in your car nightly history’ from 1935! Behold the Graham House Car!

Graham house car
Does your caravan have a snow plough? Didn’t think so!

A quick dip into the Google pool to try to dig up any information on Graham (given the look, I’d be looking more to naming it something like ‘Yuri’ given its nuclear winter vibes) has dredged up a previous sale attempt or two on this exact house car back in 2017 and there’s every chance it’s the same seller trying to move Graham on today. Maybe there’s more appeal for a piece like this given the opportunity to give the rest of the world a wide berth once you get it patched up?

Graham House Car

From another page that good friend Google has brought up, we learn a little more about this rare beastie:

Here is a unique vehicle to say the least . I bought it down state NY last year with the idea I would rebuild it with vintage power . I haven’t got to it yet and decided I would offer it for sale. Its a early camper called HOUSECARS back in the day. This was a fully motorized vehicle but has lost its power plant and transmission. I planned on using a Chevrolet Stovebolt 6 and 3 speed transmission that I have which is included in the sale. The vehicle is located in Livonia NY and can sit here as long as neededĀ  if you cant pick up right away as long as its paid for within 7 days . The inside is totally gutted . ready for the new look you decide onĀ  . The length of the coach is 16 ft long and 7 ft wide. -Mike (previous owner from what I can gather)

Graham House Car

While the current Facebook ad for Graham doesn’t have any interior pics, yet again Google comes to the rescue…and there’s not much happening in there either. Yep, Graham is a blank slate inside and I wouldn’t suggest camping in there without a lot of work first (and possibly a tetanus shot first)

Now if you’re keen on Graham, please note that he’s not really for sale, even though he’s being advertised as such on Facebook at the moment. However if you have a spare 10,000 US shekkels burning a hole in your back pocket, Brian the current owner would certainly have a hard time in saying no.

Maybe this bloke pictured here is thinking it over?

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