On the hunt for an incredible bargain priced…Ferrari?

The Ferrari 488 GTB goes on sale here in Australia in December 2015….but (and it’s a Sir Mix-A-Lot sized but here) if you pay for one in December, you’re still going to have to wait a couple more years before it actually is able to be parked outside of your mansion and bragged about to your cashed up friends.

Finding that wait a touch on the long side, baulking at the mortgage level cost of $470k AUS and keeping the focus on the fun that is a used car, we’ve decided instead to find a few more bargain Ferrari’s more in line with average (not much) earnings.

So if you have a hankering for a prancing horse badged..something outside of your bachelor pad, read on!

Cheapest Bargain Ferrari on Gumtree currently?

Isn’t it amazing how many car ads feature the word ‘Ferrari’ in there somewhere, usually in the sentence ‘This is not a Ferrari’. This is very handy as the number of times we confused a Nissan Pulsar for a Ferrari are astronomical. We did find a 1979 Ferrari Dino Coupe shell but it didn’t come with any floor. Or any running gear. Which means you could only show if off to your mates if it remained rotting in your front garden and you somehow conned them into a beer filled working bee at your place.

Thankfully ignoring all the Holden Commodores painted Ferrari Red, we stumbled across:

1992 Ferrari 348 Convertible

Italian gods be praised, a working Ferrari! The ad reads as follows:

Up for sale is my father -inlaws 1992 Ferrari 348st. Very rare model as there was only a few models launched with the Black exterior and grey interior.
Car comes with Full Service History and has always been mechanically serviced by Ferrari.
Comes with Full history logs⁄book of car when it first came off the production line.
Oriignal plates also come with car
The car has a few light bubbles on the front of the ferrari and front bumper will need to be replaced.
Please contact if any more details are required. and please serious buyers only. will not last long at this price.

Bargain Ferrari 348 2 348 3

The price in question? $70,000 AUD. So you can buy one 488 GTB or roughly 6.7 348’s (provided you can find another 5.7 348’s at the same price..)

Cheapest Bargain Ferrari on eBay currently?

A touch more expensive than the 348, in iconic Ferrari Red and also in what seems to be incredible condition, eBay has coughed up a..

1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet Coupe

Full Service history by authorized dealers and Ferrari specialists. Complete with owner’s and service manuals in the original Ferrari leather pouch, along with a jack pack 2nd owner of this magnificent piece of Italian history. I have only just retrieved it from storage, the 1st owner had it stored in a air tight bubble and only drove it for wedding events and occasional weekend drives as did i. Car is a dream to drive and draws attention from anyone who sees it. It is in Concourse condition. (Flawless) 18″ wheels Only travelled 57593 km.

Must be seen to be appreciated

Bargain Ferrari Mon 2 Mon 3

Wow, that’s a pretty special bargain Ferrari! Yes it won’t have 1/10th of the tech currently shoehorned into the 488 GTB but hey, looks great and currently priced at $72500…

However…we have a stand out winner in our Bargain Ferrari Challenge…

Cheapest Bargain Ferrari on Carsales.com.au currently?

Feast your eyes on a Ferrari that could be yours…for $44000!

1984 Ferrari Mondial Quattro Valvole Manual

Seller’s Comment

1984 Ferrari Mondial 8 Ever wanted to own a Ferrari, well here’s your chance . Just for the exhaust sound alone it’s worth the money. I have owned this Australian delivered car for the last ten years adding only 10 thousand k’s in that time. The car has always been garaged and only driven weekends. I have decided to join the grey nomads and do some travelling, so it is time for someone else to enjoy the sound of a 3 litre V8. Don’t be put off by people telling you that Ferrari’s are expensive to service and you have to take the engine out to replace the cam belts. On this model the engine is transverse, so the belts are accessed via the rear wheel arch. The heads have been converted to unleaded fuel by the previous owner. Belts and tensioners $350.00 Oil filter $37.00 Fuel Filter $55.00 All of the above have been recently been changed, so there is no need to worry for the next couple of years. Car also comes with:- original tool set and jack, felt Ferrari cover and scale model for the coffee table.



Prancing horse come at me!

Ha, even a model of the car you just bought comes with it! Score!!

Anyone seen a cheaper working Ferrari anywhere?

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