Getting hot for a welcome mat and an oil filter

This week I’ve found a harder working oil filter, lost 10 kilos wrestling the old one out and lusted over a…bit of carpet?


After 45 minutes of pretty intense exercise you’ll usually find me flat on my back, heated to 200 degrees and just about ready to drown in a pool of my own (super heated) sweat. Yet for some reason after ten minutes of working under the hood of my car in my own driveway, the effect seems very much the same. No I’m not working while the car’s running or while it’s 200 degrees outside – but the angles, various wrenching and reaching deep down into the depths of my pride and joy seem to really heat my own rig up. Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only home mechanic loosing weight every time new oil and a filter goes in?

This will be me in a couple more oil changes

Speaking of filters..


While shopping recently for everything needed for my latest driveway oil change, I discovered that every other Skyline/Stagea owner had obviously beaten me to the punch and bought all the Z145A filters (I have since discovered after the oil change that Z442 is what;s actually listed for a RB25DET Neo engine) leaving me with one choice and one choice only: Ryco Z145AHE.

Good for 5k

The HE in this case stands for High Efficiency oil filter and according to the box the platinum media removes 99.9% of contaminants which obviously is very beneficial to your block. The drawback though is the limited lifespan of this oil filter, needing to be changed at 5000kms. As the guy at the counter explained “It’s 99% before 5000 ks and then it filters about 4% after that..”

It’s handy if you’re like me and you do change your oil and oil filter at 5 thousand clicks but it’s also a little pricier than standard, you’re not going to feel a lick of difference driving with it on but hey there’s that sense of increased security…until you let it get past five thousand ks of course.*

*For the sake of your ride, try not to let this happen.


Don’t you hate when you look at a feature on a different generation of your car and you think ‘I probably wouldn’t ever use it but boy do I wish I had that on my car…’. Today’s case in point is the roll out mats in the back of the Series 1 Nissan Stagea:

Stagea rear mat
Unicorns welcome

Welcome mat

Bumper protector, carpet protector, convenient mat for your wet bum after a day at the beach – the uses are endless. Even my wife when seeing the pics remarked that she’d love something similar in her Lancer so that loading the pram wouldn’t scratch the rear bar.

It didn’t come with the Series 2 Stagea. Oh Nissan, surely you had a few spare from the 1st one?

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