A bin full of Boxster bits

My wife heard an accident happening near our house. Half an hour later and there I am tipping some mangled Porsche Boxster parts into my council bin…

This happened yesterday afternoon and amazingly neither myself nor the father in law having coffee next to me managed to hear it. At all. Not even slightly. Only my wife and her razor sharp hearing picked it up and after wondering what hit what (and whether the Father in law’s SV6 parked outside was okay), we ventured outside.

It turns out that Baz’s car was fine, but a Porsche Boxster and a Nissan 4WD complete with bullbar clashed heads a couple of doors down. And it’s fair to say that the Boxster had well and truly lost this round.

After checking out that everyone was okay (thankfully no injuries) we noticed a lot of the Boxster front was all over the road and so I ventured back for a couple of brooms and enrolled Baz in a quick sweep up operation. A few of my neighbors thought this was a great idea and grabbed their own to give us a hand (including an old bloke across the road who brought out a big broom, dustpan and big drum for us but confessed he wasn’t strong enough to chip in due to arthritis). I’ve never met so much of my neighborhood all at once and surely there’s better ways to meet than over a car accident but it was very warming to see so many of the folks in my street willing to lend a hand. Ten minutes later there was enough of the Boxster off the road to let traffic through unheeded and I had met quite a bit of my neighbourhood.

I stayed with the driver of the Boxster for a bit, got him some water and asked if there was anyone we could call. He replied that he was and revealed that the car actually belonged to his girlfriend, it was her pride and joy and she hadn’t answered his many phonecalls yet..well it could’ve been worse. So much worse. (And the airbags hadn’t gone off either which was puzzling)

After a time the Nissan drove away (I didn’t see if it sustained much, if any damage) but with one half of the front of the Boxster punched in and a heap of wrecked bits now lying the in the gutter, it wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry. A tow truck showed up 20 minutes later and aside from tiny bits of plastic on the road, you could barely tell anything had happened a mere 40 minutes ago.

My bin knows differently of course – RIP Boxster 🙁


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