Now all we have to do is track down the red one..

So a few years ago (five and counting) we came across this – The Concept 2000 GT (Pontiac Fiero). Only twelve were ever made and according to our original notes, one three remained in the US – One white, one red and this black one.

In the latest update (thanks Reddit) the white one has just been unearthed!

So back in 2015 the black version was on offer for 12k US. However five years on, the market for rare Fiero’s seems a little less exciting as the white concept has just been snapped up at auction for only 5k!

White concept fiero

Interestingly this one is a turbo V6 which another redditor pointed out definitely wasn’t a factory thing back in 1988. So it’s possibly had an engine swap or someone just decided the ’88 power of a 2.6 litre V6 needed a nudge and added a snail to it.

At the moment that’s all we have to go on – the auction price and the sole picture of it come auction time. If this is indeed one of the original Concept 2000 GTs made, then we’ve tracked two of the three left in the US (unless this one was one of the overseas ones that’s now come back home.)

Which begs the question… Where is the red one? If you’ve got it (or the black one) let us know so we can complete the Fiero Concept Car Trilogy! For no real reason save for entertainment value. Maybe it’ll turn up in the next five years? We’ll let you know.


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