Not your typical Magna when you turn the key..

Mitsubishi Magna’s dull and boring? Someone hasn’t met this subtle example that will more than likely quite happily leave you choking in your own dust.

I mean from the outset things look pretty normal. Clean decent paint in a non candy, non matt black, non satin, non flaked clear fashion – no obvious hoon like bits…it looks like a very nice example of an 18 year old Mitsubishi Magna.

(Yes that’s my mighty Stag wagon parked next to it.)


A nice tasteful set of rims, it’s not dumped on it’s ass. I didn’t trip over a massive body kit or a protruding exhaust that was part coffee can and part metal tunnel you could park a small car into.  Aside from those little badges at the front and back, what exactly are you going on about here Almigo?

The proof is in the pudding. Or in the this case under the bonnet. There’s a couple of things a lot of stuff going on there. Whoever owned this (cos it’s currently in an auction yard) obviously spent a fair amount of both time and money putting this mean machine to where it is now:

How many supercharged Magna’s have you seen getting around? I can’t say I’ve seen many any up until this point. My wagon is also from the same year and I have no hesitation in saying…I’d be chopped in half with this thing (mind you if my RB25 had half the work this thing had, I might have a slight chance..)

Want to add it to your stable? Well current bidding is at: Er not sure at this point. It must be new in the yard as there’s no listing on the site at the time of writing. (Even though it has the very cool #1 lot number.) Given the time, blood sweat and tears possibly involved in this project I’m guessing it’s not going to go cheaply.


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