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What in the blue hell is going on here?

Some days I bring you the rarest of rares. Other days I bring you the strangest of the strange.

Today is one of those days because I’m really not sure exactly what I’m looking at here…

The good news? There is a Facebook post about it.

The bad? The description is Indonesian (and I only know so much Indonesian.) I have recently regained contacted a close friend of mine who works as a translator but even I’m not cruel enough to inflict this one on her. So we’ll press the translate button that Facebook provides to hopefully illuminate this particular mystery..

Corola ke 3o modif juke thn 76 pajak baru bln 1 kemarin velk racing R 15 plat W sidarjo surat2 lengkap atas nama sendiri..jual 30 jt nego 


Corola to 3 o modif juke year 76 NEW TAX MONTH 1 yesterday velk racing r 15 plate w sidarjo full letter on your own name.. Sell 30 jt nego

Well that doesn’t help does it?

What exactly are you?

But what I can pick up here:

This is a Toyota Ke30 Corola


This is a Nissan Juke (Drove a basic one once, not a fan)

Mesh them together to create…er…this!

So…(and I’ve still trying to work this out) a modified Juke shell on a Ke30? Ke30 internals into something much newer? Toyota meets Nissan meets Renault Meganne? Frankenstein in car form? Which is it?

The interior suggests the first idea:

I really don’t remember those controls the last time I jumped into one..

Maybe it’s just a Juke skin draped over the Ke30, like a Sunday best?

Look credit where credit is due, a lot of work has gone into it (and more the look of it than anything actually on the inside it seems) but I’m still wondering the why.

I’m wondering that a lot, along with what you should call this unholy union of the 70’s and 2010s..

A Nissan Rolla?

A Toyota Juke?

A Toyjuk?

A terrible idea?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Answers below please. best one gets to buy it themselves and work out exactly what has truly gone on here : D



  1. lynx318 says:

    Corolla to 3o modif juke year 76 new tax last month 1 yesterday R racing plate 15 plate W sidarjo complete letters in its own name..sell 30 million negotiable

    Got this through Google translate, I think it’s to do with selling rego plates maybe, not so much the car.

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