Nissan 370z – drop the body and slide!

I was just thinking the other morning that it’d had been a while since I’d seen a truly mental build of anything for this page and lo and behold, the universe provided with this monster effort – a Nissan 370z drift juggernaut with a Patrol overcoat and whatever else it can find scattered around the garage!

Some down under madness for a while

Yes usually the crazy builds I uncover to share with you here at Drive Another Day hail from the land of Bald Eagles, more often than not somewhere with snow, workshop space and far too much time on their hands. Like this Toyota Mr2 powered by a Kawasaki Ninja:

Or the Fallout/Mad Max ready 2000 Chevrolet Suburban:

But today it’s some home grown drift madness (home = Down under, where apparently we all ride kangaroos to work and consume Vegemite sandwiches) where a Nissan 370z carries a Nissan Patrol body and so much more at savage angles around a race track somewhere.

Nissan 370z body swap with Nissan Patrol

And god would this thing be a hoot to see in action live!
The good news is, there’s plenty of video progress action to watch this beast come alive!

Nissan Patrol drift car – the Nissan 370z journey starts here!

Forget the years of Project Binky, all the work here seems to be crammed into a month according to the dates of the videos up on Fink & Co’s official YouTube build channel. Which means if it’s not fanging around a track near you, the channel would be the next best thing.

In the meantime though, allow me to furnish you curious eyes with plenty of pics courtesy of Mr Fink himself posting up progress on the Body Swaps – Unibody Chassis and Body Swaps Facebook page.

From the Unibody Facebook page:

370z drift car with a Nissan patrol body shortened to suit the 370z wheelbase and body dropped onto Nissan 370z chassis and full cage built to suit the new body and on track in 10 days build time!

Imaging driving your Patrol next to this one and wondering what diet it went on..
Luckily this project is up in Queensland, I wouldn’t want to even begin to contemplate such a full on build in a carport during a Victorian winter..
Ahh, there’s the Nissan 370z underpinnings!
Thongs and shorts, the unofficial up North Aussie mechanic uniform.

The Facebook comments on this build have gone as well as you can imagine (seriously, what a miserable place Social Media can be at times) with opinion divided – some love it, some hate it, some point out how much it looks like a slammed Subaru Forester while others question the choice of the Ford Falcon front bar.

Regardless, I’m loving the thought that someone went ‘Hey I wonder what things would look like if I took that Nissan 370z and then plonked a patrol body on it? How hard could that be?’ and then not only rolled up the sleeves to give it a go but also put it through it’s paces on the track and filmed the journey across the way.

Aussie ingenuity at it’s finest right there and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Check out all the action of the build, the sliding and everything else in between over at Nissan Patrol Drift Car (YouTube channel)

Now to get back onto the US Facebook classifieds to see if I can find something at least half as mental as this wild project…

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