New year, new look, same great taste…

Okay so technically we’re currently three months into the new year but better late than never for a new lick of paint and a new site design yes? As well as a fancy new layout, there’s a couple of other things I wanted to tell you about..

For the new crew

Unofficial mascot…

Firstly if you’re new here, welcome to – a blog all about second hand cars with occasional jaunts to amazing car shows and events, how to guides, tips, tricks and plenty of pics about the wonderful world of motoring. From the cheapest to cars well and truly out of most people’s reach – if it’s got four wheels and an engine, then you’ll probably read about it here.

Never miss a beat, never miss a beat beat beat beat…

With our new shiny website coat comes a new newsletter to boot – it comes out every couple of weeks and it’s a quick read to keep you updated on what’s new on the site, important things you’ve missed, occasional essential finds I’ve tripped over on Youtube, tunes to listen to while you’re trying to hunt down a rogue idle…a bit of everything. I have no interest in spamming you (Christ, I hate spam so much myself) but if you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening here, make sure you subscribe to the DRIVE ANOTHER DAY NEWSLETTER (just click that link and away you go!)

If you’re a previous subscriber through the site I’ll be sending you the option to opt in shortly 🙂

Look mum, I’m on internet TV!

This site also has it’s own Youtube channel! There’s a link up the top that’ll take you there or feel free to click here for plenty of vids of car shows we’ve been to, guides on how to do various things and car related bits and pieces. New subscribers always welcome.

And finally…I changed the head gasket on the email.

And it’s back up and running, working better than before. If you want to get in contact with me for anything (love the site, know where my my Rx7 is now, want to pay me lots of money for something..) just drop me a line right here (Nigerian princes with 23 million dollars to share need not apply) I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Until then, thanks for stopping by!


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