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I can’t say I understand Tumblr much – I mean I know how to search for stuff best not mentioned here on it but apart from that I’ve never found myself in a conversation that includes the line ‘You’ll never guess what I found on Tumblr last night!’

However now if I ever do found myself in that conversation (and hopefully it’s with a car enthusiast), I’ll have something I can mention – the awesome concept behind Namesake motors.

In a nutshell Namesake Motors is all about dressing up as the namesake of the car you’re pictured next to – like Lincoln’s Lincoln for example:

Namesake motors

Or maybe Queen Victoria’s…er…Crown Victoria!

Name sake motors

Brilliant concept and more amazing pictures can be found at their very creative Namesake Motors Tumblr.

Personally I can’t wait for them to try any of the following:

Plymouth Barracuda (the fish costume would be interesting..)

Ford Laser (not sure how this would work actually..)

Ford Meteor (Nor this one..)

Ford Corsiar (Um…)

Holden Commodore? Actually I reckon that’s one of the easier ones 😀

Stick in a VT in the background and we're good to go!
Stick in a VT in the background and we’re good to go!


What namesake would you like to see?

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