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Not a dodge tourer

How much for the Feral?

Found rotting on a farm, leaking oil and more rust than a sunken battleship – yet it comes at a price that made us do a double take.

Meet the Dodge Tourer that would give a hillbilly a hard on.

My father in law and I found this smack bang in the weekend’s swap meet, nestled between examples that had experienced a) some work b) paint and c) love that only very old car drivers can give. And word was that this ‘Feral’ Dodge Tourer was looking for a new owner.

Really, you’d want to give up this thing??

Dodge Tourer
Yeah, that’s a hand in that wire basket..

The sign even read that this 4 cylinder side valve special was dragged from a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the amazing state that you see it here. The bird poo and rotting canvas is all original.

Amazingly for a car that used a dirty rag as an oil plug (the rag was fighting a losing battle there) it still got more attention than most of the other pristine examples on display. Yep, plenty of people seemed to really want to get up close to the Ma and Pa Kettle Spec Dodge Tourer for some reason…especially my dad in law who suddenly felt the need to add this rusted project to his large collection of rusted projects.

“I have no idea what I’d offer him though” he mused as we tried to track down the owner or anyone with more info.

Sadly my suggestion of a slab of full strength and two chickens fell flat.

Dodge Tourer
Blurry because my phone started rusting just looking at it.

At another stall we saw a picture of a similar looking (and actually restored) version for the respectable price of $8000. Using that as a rough guide and factoring the nuclear weapons needed to get this leaking beastie up to scratch, we surmised that an offer of just over $1000 could net us this thing and Baz the dad in law could spend his retirement leaking oil over the farm.

Yep, between the two of us we know absolutely nothing about old feral condition Dodges because when we asked a nearby swap meet Marshall about it, his version of value was a little bit different to ours.

“Current condition…well I’d say…(took a another bite of his pastie)…yeah…about 12?”

“$1200?” I asked

“No! 12 grand!”

Yes, for $12000 honest dollars you could become a new owner of something that gives you tetanus when you stand next to it. Seriously if that’s the current worth of rusted out feral wrecks from a farm, I think Baz and I better start driving down some more gravel roads.

Suffice to say we stopped asking questions after hearing the price tag.

So…would you pay $12K for something like this? (Or have you??)


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