Cars (and other vehicles) of Movie World Gold Coast.

Well not all of them on show at Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast on account of the kids who couldn’t give two squirts of anything about anything with wheels, far preferring a photo with Wonder Woman.

Actually come to think of it, so would I. But since this is a car blog..let’s get on with the show..

First stop in our jaunt through Movie World this arvo – a Batmobile, circa 1989. A terrible choice for a learner driver really but Jackson here really wants one. The father in law was convinced this was powered by an LS3 until I pointed out that it wouldn’t have been available back then..

One of the many classic cars hanging around the diner. It was just one running board and a classy gangster with a tommy gun away from not looking out of place in a bank heist movie from the 30’s.

Taxi Movie World

A fantastic example when taxi’s were cheap and heavily inspired by either hot dogs or fast food clowns. A fantastic addition to your wedding if you’re marrying someone in the condiment industry.

I’m terrible at identifying cars at least twice the age of myself so if you can identify what this thing is…give yourself a pat on the back and maybe take yourself out to dinner. You’ve earnt it!

It’s not just the cars at Movie World either..

Bike Movie World
Fighting crime…when I finally get my bike license..

Batbike! Based on…er…a motorcycle of some kind. Top speed: 0 kph (On account of it being a display bike.

Movie World

Of course this red rocket is perfectly safe! Just look at how aware of his surroundings old Wyle E seems to be. It’ll get the kids safely to school in no time!

If you can identify what this thing is…give yourself a pat on the back and maybe take yourself out to dinner. You’ve earnt it!

-Me, earlier on in this piece. 
Action shot from the next Fast N Furious movie..

One of the many blisteringly slow cars on offer at the kids driving school. Top speed of slower than crawling and no actual brake, you just lift your feet off the accelerator. I would have chosen red if one was available..

Okay, maybe ignore that sexy looking thumb there and concentrate on that old school hoon mobile, complete with gangsters and er…flappers? Is that what I call them? God I don’t know, I’m still a good decade and a bit of hitting 50..

It drives and I so want a lift now..

My daughter Sophie was extremely excited when Wonder Woman came rolling in. I was quite intrigued by the mini mountain on wheels she rolled in on. Can I borrow that for a quick jaunt down the M1?

Wonder Woman Movie World
You would be this smug too if you could drive a staircase to work..

Okay, so maybe trying to stop Bizzaro from doing practically anything was not the wisest decision. As you pass this busted cop car, smoke pours out. I had an RX7 that did the same without a single superhero nearby!


Looking like he bought a black car bargain from the Umbrella Corporation, this Lex Luthor mobile is perfect when you need something to stand on to rip wires out of a power station or something..

Finally, the show I couldn’t wait to see..

I missed out on the car show last time I rolled through Movie World so I was thrilled that this time I got to see the entire tire smoking, screaming, near miss action of some true drift pig looking noise machines..

Stunt Show Movie World
Very handy this show being sponsored by a tire company..

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