Won’t someone set the Monster free?

At my favourite go kart track here on the Gold Coast (automatic favourite as I’ve only checked out one so far) I already have my hands full keeping an 80kph kart from getting a little silly. I could only imagine the nerves of steel you’d have to have trying to wrestle the Monster Kart around the 1600m…

Yes the Monster Kart – a terrifying machine of revving fury with a passenger seat for the unwary to watch their lives flash before their very eyes.

You’ll find it caged (well behind some display chains) at Xtreme Karting Pimpama¬†Queensland where it sits in wait for pre- er anyone brave enough to be strapped into it.

I mean just look at this mean machine – you know it’s hungry to mow down unaware little karts and pick it’s teeth clean with the remaining bits left after the first snap of it’s powerful jaws everything.

6 wheels for extra road demolition. And a Yamaha R6 engine to get it from A to B before you have a chance to tighten the strap on your sweaty helmet..

At full clip (160kph) unless the passenger was full of cheeseburgers (or lead) then this wing would really have it’s work cut out for it.

Sadly you can’t just walk over, move the chains of the Monster Kart and take it out at your leisure. It’s more you book a ride in the beast and hang for dear life as someone who knows what they’re doing (that’d be someone who doesn’t slide around like a slippery penguin in a limited 80kph kart like my good self) throws it with mad abandon around the 1600m track.

Best part is that you can buy a usb of your screaming too!

I would be keen to try this on for laugh and thrill value alone but I’m afraid I’m just too busy sliding all over the shop in a normal kart that only has four wheels. Once I get bored of the limiter noise bouncing off my helmet on the home straight I may think about it..

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