Class for days but not much room with a Viewt

So what’s it called when you’ve focused on something and suddenly, BAM, something similar pops up? I believe there was a movie with the term for it too?

The Matrix maybe? (Possibly Terminator 3) Or maybe it’s Facebook spying on me again and having realized my passing interest in a lunatic Micra last week, has coughed up this beauty.

Regardless of the slightly eerie phenomenon going on here, allow me to introduce the Mitsuoka Viewt…

This isn’t the first time something from Mitsuoka graced these pages

Way back when we brought to you the Mitsuoka MC-1 the most adorable little forklift/car hybrid without the ability to carry anything. It seems Mitsuoka are very good at building things on the small side. And now with this Mitsuoka Viewt from 1995, the classy side too!

But this thing doesn’t look like a Nissan Micra/March!

Sure doesn’t!

Mitsuoka Viewt

However under that tiny winey colored classy shell beeps the tiny heart of a Nissan Micra, hence me wondering now how vested Facebook seems to be in my life currently. Or it’s purely a coincidence that Iron Chef uncovered this rare little beasty a week after we wrote up about the Micra. Still, I’m much preferring this shape and style over the Micra so enjoy a few more tasty pics.

Mitsuoka Viewt

To me this looks like the perfect Sunday car to take out to the day at the races, suited up in your second best suit and splashing a little cash about. Not a major race like the Melbourne cup however, but one of those small countryside races held in places like Dunkeld where most of the horses are maidens and betting success on the day is down to pure luck.

However if you’re planning a day on the races with this thing, hopefully your friends have their own transport because while the Mitsuoka Viewt is all class on the outside, inside things are getting…a little tight. It is based on a Micra after all..

(Love the wood grain/chocolate bain-marie looking dash insert though!)

But that doesn’t look that bad! Plenty of room up front. But wait..

Ahh. So not great to be chauffeured around in. But still, far classier than a Micra…

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