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Mechanical brain fart

Welp, I’ve just had another mechanical brain fart – an instance where by not concentrating, I’ve done something hilariously frustrating when it comes to my car. Not the first time obviously, probably not the last time either..

So what was my brain fart this time around? Well I thought the foot brake on the Stagea was broken. I pushed it in but it wouldn’t release no matter how hard I kicked down on it. Which meant that I couldn’t drive anywhere with it locked on. And so after doing what anyone with no idea would do (consult Google) I learnt that I’d need a long handled flat head screwdriver and probably a bright light to see what I was doing. Being at work, I found Zac the junior engineer at a loose end and enrolled him in both grabbing a screwdriver and having a poke around under the dash.

After five minutes he couldn’t work it out.

After three minutes of me having a poke around the dash, I couldn’t think of what to do either.

Until I sat in the drivers seat and suddenly remember that to put the foot brake on, you push on it with your leg. To release it however you simply use the brake release lever on the left hand side of the steering wheel. My brain fart of the day completely forgot that you use the lever to release it. (Now I’d like to say that it was the Nissan X-Trail that I drove last week that caused this problem because it does have a foot brake that you push down to lock and push down again to release…but that wouldn’t explain how I managed to get to work that morning sans foot brake..) I’ve only owned this car for a mere year and a half, you’d think I’d remember how the brake system worked. On a brain fart scale, mine just caused an earthquake somewhere.

I probably should to this to my stag to save future embarrassment.

Not the first brain fart though..

-The first time I ever changed the oil on my Rx7 I was so happy that I had learnt a new skill. Right up to the part when I’d forgotten to tighten up the oil filter and once I started it up, 4 and a half litres of fresh oil came gushing out and covered the ground. Welp.

-Actually that wasn’t the first time my brain farted itself into oblivion with that Mazda, there was the time when I attempted to change the squealing belts on it myself (all four) without actually recording what they looked like or where they should go before I took them off. So I put them on the way I thought they went and found out a month later from a proper rotary mechanic ‘For some reason it’s missing a couple of bolts and the belts were all on the wrong way’ (I feigned ignorance and blamed the previous owner when I heard that part..)

-I have also managed to punch myself in the jaw with a tire iron, shock myself by accidentally creating some kind of bridge between the battery and metal pipe with my own wedding ring and spent four days trying to figure out a pretty simple central locking kit (although in my defense the instructions were less than useless in explaining anything..)

Also to celebrate the wonderful world of mechanical brain farts, enjoy a couple of classic DIY mistakes that people talked about on my radio show:

What about you, what’s your worst mechanical brain fart? Let us know!

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