MC-1 Like the popemobile and a forklift had a baby..

We’ve already mentioned how much we enjoy casting an eye over eligible imports over at Iron Chef’s Facebook page and today was no exception as we came face to Facebook with the hilarious Mitsuoka MC-1…

Words can’t describe how much I want to drive this thing right now..

What you’re looking at is the Mitsouka Motors MC-1 micro car which is road registerable in Japan and the greatest example of single person motoring since Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear showed off how much fun you can have in a Peel P-50.

That’s right, if you’ve had fever dreams of a single cylinder air cooled 16 year old Japanese Shopping Cart (that doesn’t actually hold much shopping) then hurry up right now and import a MC-1 post haste!

Created in 1998 the MC-1 seats one, weighs the save as two average sized blokes, carries an incredibly handy seven litres of juice and gets from A to Z in a decade and a half. At a guess the speed would probably drop by half if you attempted to give anyone but a small Japanese child a lift on the back. As this hilarious ad proves, it can even go backwards!

mc-1 poster
A real car!

Could you comply them for registered use in other countries? Well hopefully (and by the looks of things complying an MC-1 wouldn’t be anywhere near the level of cost of something like a GTR) but you’d probably have to find a complier who a) has worked on an MC-1 before and b) doesn’t fall over laughing when you first drive it in.

Funnily enough the list of things it doesn’t have is much longer than what you get for the money. So forget about the following:

Sunroof / Moonroof n
Front fog lamp n
Rear fog lamp n
Xenon headlight (Discharge lamp) n
Projector headlight n
Rear wiper n
Front spoiler n
Rear or roof spoiler n
ABS (Antilock brake system) n
TCS (Traction control system) n
LSD (Limited slip differential) n
Privacy glass n
UV cutting glass n
Aluminium wheel n


Air conditioner n
Wood panel n
Cruise control n
Centralized door lock n
Power window n
Steering wheel telescopic n
Steering wheel tilt n
Leather steering wheel n
Power front seat n
Power rear seat n
Leather seat n
Falling down type rear seat n
Child seat fixed with seat belt n
Rear ELR3 point seat belt n
Front seat pretensioner seat belt n
Fourth limited front seat belt n
Side impact bar n
Airbag (Driver) n
Airbag (Passenger) n
Airbag (Side) n
Audio deck n
CD-player n
Car navigation system n

It comes with none of those. Oh and no power steering – but given the size, a lack of power steering doesn’t seem that much of a drama.

Information on the web seems to be limited (we know there was an MC-1 and an MC-1T – no idea what the t stood for..) but hey, enjoy these pics of the glory that is the Mitsouka MC-1

mc-1 orange
He just looks awkward..

MC-1 Bluemitsuoka_mc-1t


Now if only someone had an MC-1 Handy to test drive…

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